There is no secret that muscle-building exercises are at the core of any decent weight lifting program. In this series, I am going to touch on some of the more basic muscle-building exercises that are a staple to just about every well-rounded strength training program. These six exercises are at the heart of any good training program and are critical for any serious strength training program. You may think it hard to believe, however with those six exercises alone you could pack a very serious amount of muscle on your frame in a relatively short period of time. It really is that simple.

So let’s touch on these muscle-building exercises that should be a part of your workout day and maybe even in some parts of your workout day. The first is the barbell squat. Now normally when people talk about squat they are talking about a dead lift. The barbell squat works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, as well as the spinal muscles. This exercise is done four days per week, on alternates.

Another of the basic muscle building exercises is the cable fly. This exercise works the trapezius, rhomboids, Latissimus dorsi, Levator scapulae and the biceps. The cable fly is done three times per week, usually alternating between sets of twelve and sixteen. For this exercise you want to perform a high number of reps and keep the weights between seventy-five and ninety pounds.

When you are looking to build muscle there is also a lot of nutrition involved. If you’re not following a proper diet, then you will most likely not put on the necessary pounds and lose your body’s natural ability to put on muscle. A proper diet consists of ten thousand calories and the right kinds of nutrients. These nutrients can come in the form of protein, fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains.

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You should eat about six small meals per day and snack on them only once or twice. The meal time should be set aside for your workouts so that you do not add weight to your stomach at the end of your day. Three to four hours in bed before your workout is not uncommon. If you workout early in the morning it would be better for you if you sleep during the night for that morning’s meal.

Every three to four hours, consume an extra serving of calories. The smallest serving is fifty calories and you should consume one and a half to two servings per day for optimum muscle building results. You should always strive to eat an extra serving before you workout to help with packing on those additional calories. On average you should eat three to four hours before you exercise. Your meals before and after your workout should be taken at least thirty minutes to one hour apart.

You can also consider taking in supplements that are available that can help you boost your workout performance. There are multivitamins that contain BMR, or Basic Research Methionine, in addition to the above-mentioned whole foods. This can be taken once per day with your breakfast. The Multivitamin BMR in these products are in a form of a powder that can be mixed with water. It is then added to a glass of milk or juice for consumption during the day, or you could even just eat it as a pill.

Muscle building exercises burn calories and help in cellular repair. They should be performed with the proper form for maximum effect. It is also important that you keep your form during these workouts to avoid injury. You should not make the mistake of focusing only on a particular muscle group. Both the resistance and intensity should be increased, to work on all the muscles in your body for optimum cellular repair and growth.

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