Many people ask this question all the time; “what wood is safe for Guinea pigs?” Due to their active and curious nature, guineas are always in the risk of getting into things that can harm them. The same thing applies to wood as well. There are certain types of wood that are better than others when it comes to safety for your pets.

What wood is safe for Guinea Pigs? Can guineos chew on hard wood? No, guineas cannot chew on hard wood as it often contains some very harmful substances which are bad for guineas health.

Can guineas have apple tree branches? Yes, apple branches are also safe for guineas to chew. Although they usually have some branches that are quite hard and sturdy, it is still safe for their mouths. What’s good about these types of branches is that they are easy to find and are ideal for chewing. However, just like with apple trees, it is important that you don’t provide them with too much of these and you should take a step back when they start to get too gnawing.

Are there any wooden things that are toxic for guineas? Yes, there are, and chewing on these can definitely pose a hazard to your pet. One of the most common ones is the cage bars which can easily be eaten after they have gotten too stuck in them. Cage bars can be easily removed if you have the right tool. Wood can easily be chewed, but the problem lies with the materials used to make the cage bars.

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Is there physical stimulation for guineas? Yes, physical stimulation is necessary for them as it helps in the development of their muscles. However, this can be accomplished by giving them enough exercises. By providing them with a variety of toys to chew on, you can be sure that your pets will enjoy having physical stimulation.

If you want to know what wood is safe for guinea pigs to chew, then it is time that you started looking for cage bars or other toys that they can play with. There are plenty out there which are made from wood. By providing them with wooden toys, you can be sure that they will not only keep them busy while you’re busy cleaning their cages, but you can be sure that they will not get stuck in their cages due to their own chewing. Aside from wood, there are lots of different materials out there that can also be given to your pets. It is just up to you on what type of material will they like best.