Artificial intelligent computers by the twenty-first century will be able to accomplish and compete with human beings at every level of human endeavor. Will humans be able to compete and be successful? Many people do not think so. Even those that are participants in cyber-warfare and other types of operations believe that it is possible that artificially intelligent machines will be better than humans at all times. In addition, they do not think the cost involved will be reasonable or allow for enough profit for everyone to participate.

The truth is, there will always be a power struggle between artificial intelligence and humans. This will continue until humans prove they are capable of controlling AI. Then humans will have won and created the future that artificial intelligence was designed to prevent. Until then, we all will participate in the evolution of AI. Consider this in 2021.

There will be many ways that artificial intelligence is different from human intelligence. These differences will emerge during the course of time. Consider that when a machine is created it is given programming. The programmer who designed the machine can change the programming at any time and artificial intelligence may not be able to understand what was programmed into it.

However, it is possible that future artificial intelligent machines will be capable of learning from their experiences. They will be able to duplicate their success. If they are designed with the right set of characteristics, humans will be challenged to continue to create new programs that are more superior. Therefore, humans will be constantly challenged to stay ahead of artificial intelligence in 2021 and beyond.

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Artificial intelligence in 2021 will have a variety of tools to assist future generations. One tool will be able to translate between two languages into one language. Another will have the capability of translating text from one format to another. This type of technology will create a worldwide market for translation services. With the ability to translate foreign languages it may become much easier for businesses to interact with other nations.

In addition, artificial intelligence will create a worldwide market for translation services. Therefore, unlimited opportunities and growth for translators will be in the future. In fact, the future of translation will be far more interesting than the past. For example, an American company may start a project to translate the Japanese Language into English so that company employees doing business in Japan would have access to English newspapers and magazines.

In conclusion, the future of artificial intelligence in 2021 will feature limitless opportunities and growth for those with the drive to use this advanced technology. We will witness amazing changes that affect every aspect of our lives. As our knowledge about the brain increases, we will learn more about how it functions. We will be able to design computers and software that are better than the human brain. These new technologies will be the foundation for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Further, as our understanding of the way the human brain functions increases, we will find better ways to utilize the human mind in every endeavor. Thus, with artificial intelligence in 2021, we will solve many of today’s problems in many different ways. The future of artificial intelligence is here. It’s time to get excited!

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I can see the future of Artificial Intelligent Systems like the ones mentioned above playing a vital role in the future of mankind. It will usher in limitless opportunities and growth for everyone. It will help eliminate many of today’s problems.

We all know about intelligence, but most of us are not using it to its maximum potential. Computers are great for doing jobs that are currently not being done by humans, but when they are designed to do those tasks, they will exceed human ability. Our future science and technology are heading in that direction. In addition to that, humans will also be able to augment artificial intelligence with their own consciousness. That’s right, you will be able to send thoughts into the future.

That is not even the best part. You will also be able to live forever. You see, once humans create A.I., they will be able to upload their consciousness into it, and then live forever. That means they will have a life extension factor! With all these brilliant ideas coming forth, hopefully, you see the future of mankind clearly…forever!