What things will disappear in just 20 years? That is the question many scientists and researchers ask themselves because it seems like we are looking at a science-fiction version of our future. There have already been some notable achievements in technology that suggest we are rapidly moving toward a time when AI (artificial intelligent computer) and other technologies may be able to accomplish even more. In fact, it has been suggested that in the next ten years we may be able to send humans from one planet to another.

The first thing that will go away in the future is death. Death is the one factor that haunts all of us; because once it is gone, there is no longer a physical body to continue the cycle of life and death. But while there will be fewer bodies, there will be fewer people alive to experience those deaths. In the future, all life on earth will have come to an end, including all human life. All plants and animals will likewise die off, and there will be nothing left to experience life on the planet.

What things will disappear in just 20 years? Well, as previously mentioned, the brain will be able to upload itself into an artificial intelligence system that will replace the human mind with a virtual reality. Now imagine for a moment that you are at work, and you have a boss that you do not like. He gives you bad instructions, and the results are disastrous. You would then opt to download yourself into an artificial intelligence system that was created by a group of scientists and programmers, and which will allow you to experience a different type of work environment and work relationship with your boss.

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After downloading yourself into this future technology, you would then be able to experience life in a much more positive manner. Everything that you thought was bad in the present will be erased from your mind, and you will be left with a new perception about life in general. This will lead to the happiness that is possible with artificial intelligence systems.

What things will disappear in just 20 years? Well, one of the most profound things that will be erased from your mind will be poverty. This present period of economic instability has caused the poor to live in extreme poverty, and many of them have had to adapt to extreme diets and training in order to become healthy and strong. Even if you were born rich, you could lose everything because of an economic disaster today. Therefore, being able to enjoy a more rewarding work life is now a possibility for everyone.

Another thing that will be erased from your mind will be negativity. Right now, humans are being conditioned by the media, government, education systems, and other institutions to think negative. In fact, these institutions do their best to influence young adults to believe that they are worthless and useless to the world. The artificial intelligent computer technologies that are now available will enable humans to look at their lives in a completely different way. With the vast amounts of information now accessible to them, they will be able to realize that they are all capable of great things.

One last thing that will be erased from your mind in the future will be the fear of death. This is a universal emotion that can be felt by virtually every human on the planet. The mass media, for example, continuously tells people that they will live forever, and that there is nothing that they can do to stop it. However, if people take a moment to reflect, they will learn that death is a natural part of life, and that they have control over it by choosing not to fear it.

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Once you understand how all of these things will disappear in just a few years, you will then start to ask yourself what things will be left behind. We are all aware of the fact that all technology is gradually becoming more advanced. This means that all aspects of our lives will become more complex, allowing us to enjoy more things as time goes by. Our jobs will become easier, and we will have more choices in everything that we do. All that we will need to do is remain optimistic about the future.