What is user acquisition? Simply put, it is the process of gaining new clients or acquiring new sales for a brand, a product or even a company. In the fast growing world of mobile, user acquisition is an increasingly popular strategy or a series of strategies which are aimed at increasing app downloads and finding greater discoverability. However, the concept behind this process has evolved and changed into different forms. We have come up with the list of five main user acquisition strategies which include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The most common strategy of user acquisition strategy is to optimize for major search engines. Most businesses today depend on the power of SEO and its ability to attract more traffic by ranking high for various keywords. There are numerous ways to optimize for Google including paid campaigns, content marketing and natural search engine optimization. Content marketing refers to publishing articles, blogs, white papers and the like to attract readers.

Mobile Apps One of the simplest strategies in the field of what is user acquisition is to create a mobile-based version of a brand’s or product’s app. Most businesses today have their own apps for their products and/or services. Mobile apps can provide users with a simplified version of the products or services which may not be available on a dedicated website. Since there are numerous mobile devices being used around the world, it is very important to make your app accessible across all these devices. Hence, you should consider mobile advertising. Mobile advertising involves creating an app to advertise your app on a number of different applications.

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Mobile Web Strategies This is another of the main user acquisition strategies. It involves the creation of websites and mobile portals that allow users to interact with your products and/or services. These websites and mobile portals should allow new users to be able to register and become members. New users are one of the main reasons why companies acquire new customers. Hence, you should take care of mobile ad campaigns that help you get new users.

Engagement Measurement This is perhaps one of the most important user acquisition strategies. Customer engagement is the ability of a customer to get the right value for the money that he spends. With this measure, you will know how effective your marketing strategy is. This is considered to be one of the most powerful metrics when it comes to determining whether or not your marketing campaign is effective or not. Customer satisfaction is high on the list of requirements when it comes to effective marketing campaigns.

The three processes of what is user acquisition in a marketing context all come together to create a successful acquisition strategy. You need to determine the goals of your marketing plan. Next, you must create a feasible strategy. Finally, you must measure the effectiveness of your strategy. By following these steps, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products or services.