Strategic Management has become one of the most essential aspects of business today. It is the base or foundation of strategic planning and organization development. This is the time when every company or business begins its journey in becoming a highly competitive enterprise. Every company requires adequate information so that it can continuously improve and develop itself towards success. There are many different theories and methods to achieve this goal. When a company adopts the right approach, it gets itself on track towards achieving its goals and thus ensuring its success.

The first step in the strategic management process: Create the vision and the mission for the organization. According to the most popular survey, most of the managers often say that the first step is to “know what you want”. So, the first step is to create a list of what you really want for your current business and also for the future growth of your business.

The next step in the strategic planning process is to write down the vision and the mission statement. You have to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of every employee in your organization. For example, if you have a Customer Service representative, he will have a specific role and duty according to the vision and mission statement. He should be able to understand the purpose of implementing the strategies as well as the customers’ needs.

According to the experts, there is one mistake that most managers commit and that is not focusing on the “big picture”. Most companies have to face the reality that the customers do not see the entire vision, but they see only part of it. So, it is important that you should focus on the big picture. In addition to writing down your vision and mission statement, you should also write down your short term goals and the time frame in which you plan to reach them. This will make you focused and help you to stay on track with your strategic plan.

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Once you have accomplished the first two steps, you should determine what are the next steps in the strategic planning session. First, you should prepare a road map for your company to reach your strategic goal. You should identify the current business processes that hinder the progress of your company and then remove those obstacles that you can see. Then, you need to make sure that you are planning the strategic activities that you need to take for the improvement of your company and its performance. Finally, you should develop a training and development program for your employees according to the strategic goals that you have achieved through your strategic planning session.

The third step is to use your vision statements as the basis on which to develop the next phase. Your vision statement defines the specific actions and effort that you will commit yourself into doing. It also gives you a sense of commitment and dedication towards your company’s growth. In addition to that, it will also give a clear direction towards your company’s future so you will not be confused anymore.