Rich in India is a statement which defines the country in totality. The country is rich in its geography, tradition and diversity of people and traditions. The country has been defined by the past, as well as the present, as one which has a rich cultural and historical heritage and where a diverse population has managed to co-exist for the betterment of the country and society as a whole. The rich culture in India includes elements of regional, religious and even literary influence.

What is considered rich in India does not necessarily mean that the country is a rich culture in terms of art, music, dance and food. India is a country with a rich language and a rich tradition of crafts and industries. There is no denying to the fact that India is a land of diverse geographical and ethnic heritage. A person who is culturally rich in India can be from any of these regions. Some people may be originally from the land of Kashmir and Punjab while some people may be originally from the land of Bengal and Orissa.

Over a period of time, people from all over India have migrated to this place. The sheer population of the country means that different people have inter mingled in a great way and have contributed to the richness of the culture in India. The great contributions by the immigrants have been seen in almost every sector of the economy like arts, crafts, sciences, medicine and engineering. The most significant aspect of this population is the high percentage of people from the low income group who have migrated to this country.

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The people of the south were known to be extremely rich in their culture. The South Indian sates like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have always been known for the cultural richness of their people. The culture of these states has given rise to numerous renowned artists, painters and musicians. The most important contribution of the south Indian culture to the country was the amazing music – Banarasi paag – that first entered the world of international music at a very late stage. This popular genre of music has gone on to influence most of the music styles of the world today.

One of the best ways to learn about what is considered rich in India is to read about the life and works of various South Indians like Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Javanese. These cultures have long since given birth to some of the most influential and notable personalities of the country’s history. The Marathi people are famous for their creativity in music as they are noted for their musical style known as ‘Raga’ that continues to influence the hearts of people even today. The Javanese culture has given birth to the nation’s most beloved film heroes like Kamal Amrohi and Rajkumar.

There are many other cultures that have influenced India throughout its history. In fact, each and every part of the country has its own distinct personality that is often passed down from generation to generation within the community. However, the above mentioned cultures will always remain as great influences in the lives of Indians of different background. Thus, it is advisable to continue to engage one’s self in learning more about these cultural concepts and styles. This will ensure that one comes to know and appreciate these rich cultural elements in the most special way.

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