What is a Dutch Angel Dragon? These magnificent creatures have been around for centuries, and come in many different shapes and sizes. A very popular example of a Dutch angel dragon would be the snake-like Asian Lung (Chinook-Lung) dragon. In Chinese culture, they are always very angelic, often described as protectors of towns and rivers, and some even are celestial beings on their own. These awesome creatures can also breathe fire, and create deadly winds and blizzards with their breath.

It’s unclear exactly how these legendary creatures came to be, but one story explains how they might have gotten their Dutch characteristics. Back in the Ming Dynasty, there was a monk who lived in the hills of Quingdong, China. One night, he began to dream that he saw the dragon, and decided it must be the most powerful thing ever created. So he gathered all the herbs he knew, made a potion of them, drank it, and then laid down to meditate. He was soon wakened, and saw that the dragon had changed into an eagle. With this, the legend goes on to explain that the eagle flew off into the distance, and only returned when it was riding on a white horse.

These days, there are many references to these flying creatures. They can be found in a number of popular children’s books, as well as in Japanese mythology. They are also mentioned in the legends of several different countries, and are known to be part of the eastern culture. The United States, of course, has a whole category of creatures for royalty to represent. The British, of course, have a dragon category in their spellings for some reason.

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One of these creatures that is very closely identified with the Netherlands is the Red Riding Dragon. This is largely believed to be a myth, or even a misnomer. No physical records of this particular dragon exist, unfortunately. Still, there are plenty of stories surrounding it, most originating from places in southern Europe. Stories abound of how a dragon, or a variety of dragons, would come to visit someone’s home, especially if they were involved with some sort of treaty. It is said that these dragons were always good friends to the people that they visited, always willing to do good things for them, always bringing them food and drink, and generally being helpful.

Another popularly identified type of dragon is the White Dragon. This is the kind of dragon that most children picture when they think of dragons. This, however, was not always the case. The original white dragon, which is thought to have lived in ancient China, has been named O-Draga. This creature, which was the inspiration for the English name of the same name, was also the inspiration for one of the most famous story scenes in the world, in which King Arthur is forced to flee to a cavern because his kingdom is under threat from the Dragon Knights.

Regardless of what type of dragon you prefer, the chances are good that you will find several that appeal to you. Of course, it is important to keep in mind what type of habitat you are looking for, whether it be aquatic, terrestrial, or both. Some of the most popular varieties tend to stay in one place, doing nothing more than existing. Other types are a bit more aggressive, often wanting to venture out into the sea, but only in the search of food. Whether you want to keep one as a pet or hunt it down as part of your collection, there is a wide variety out there that will suit your needs perfectly.

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