What is a dead end job? For many people the answer is not what they think it is. In today’s fast paced world, many people are seeking ways to find part time work that provides an extra income or even a career change. Unfortunately many times these opportunities are advertised as being part time and only exist for a few months out of the year. A new trend is starting to develop where these “dead end” part time jobs can be found as well as full time positions.

A dead end job is usually a temporary job where there isn’t any chance for advancement and career growth into a better paying position. This can especially be true if an individual needs further education to advance within their current company, however hard to obtain given today’s economic conditions. Many people are working jobs that are temporary, part time or even full time. This means many people are not receiving the promotions and raises they desire for a better pay grade or other incentive system within the company.

The answer to the question of what is a dead end job can be complex. In many cases it is only a temporary situation that can lead to a more permanent position elsewhere. In other cases it can indicate the employee has limited job options due to their age or their current skill set. Sometimes it may mean the individual was not successful within the company they were employed with, leading them to look for employment elsewhere. Regardless of the case, it is not a permanent solution.

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With the recent increase of part time workers and independent contractors, it is becoming more common to hear the question of what is a dead end job. These individuals are usually between positions that do not promote further within the company. They either began working as a contractor or consultant after obtaining a position within another company. There are different types of contractors that fall into this category. A general contractor may be promoted to an executive position where they receive an annual salary and benefit package, but they typically stay within the company’s structure.

An independent contractor works for themselves and is paid a set amount by the company they work for throughout the course of their engagement. For some they receive an hourly rate and others receive a predetermined percentage of the overall project budget. There are some who may be self-employed, contracting out services from a variety of sources and are not tied to a single company. Whatever the case, there are usually problems associated with what is a dead end job.

As previously mentioned, it is not uncommon to encounter what is a dead end job. It is important to try and stay positive during the entire process. Trying to get another job through connections, referrals, or by offering a free project can often work to your advantage. The main thing to remember is that many companies will happily terminate positions rather than continue them with a difficult employee. If you are offered a dead end contract it is important to know what the employer is looking for in an employee and plan ahead accordingly.

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