What is a Benzine car? It is a combination of a carburetor, an exhaust system, a catalyst reducer. A car needs all of these components to be efficient: the fuel needs fuel, the exhaust needs oxygen to burn, the catalytic reducer breaks down the carburetor bicarbonate, the exhaust needs carbon dioxide to burn properly and the catalytic agent breaks down any residual impurities that remain in the fuel or the exhaust. A car can only function properly with all of these working together as a team.

For most cars a standard petrol engine works well enough. However, there are some cars which are manufactured especially for higher performance engines and fuel efficiency. These engines need a lot more air intake which brings in additional fuel and oxygen and also requires more fuel efficient combustion. These types of engines need a more potent mixture of gasoline and benzine which results in a higher output of fuel. For this reason, the use of more potent gasoline is often recommended for high performance cars.

In addition to using more fuel efficient fuel, more potent gasoline is also needed to achieve the desired power and top speed. The higher the output of the engine, the less fuel you will need. This is why some super sports cars have what is known as a ‘hy-vee’.

Another name for the Benzine fuel additive is ‘dioxin’, short for ‘dioxane’. This compound is made from benzine and chlorine when the fuel reacts with hydrocarbons present in the air. It is also created in the exhaust of certain vehicles by the friction of the pistons moving at high speed on the diesel exhaust manifold. This highly toxic compound is highly flammable and extremely toxic to animals and humans. It has been banned in several countries because of this dangerous byproduct.

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So what is a benzine fuel saver then? If you run your car on regular gasoline you are contributing to pollution, smog and noise levels. It is also illegal in many states to operate a car on regular gasoline for income tax purposes, although this is changing slowly. By running your car on a non-tax approved hy-vee fuel saver you will save money on tax deductions and can offset the cost of buying a hybrid or electric vehicle. In addition, you will be contributing to helping to preserve our beautiful natural environment.

The hy-vee fuel saver costs about $50 and is easily worth the money if you work a lot on the road or are into extreme sports. It is an easy and safe product to install, no repairs needed and no maintenance required. It also offers the same benefits that a conventional pump offers but gives you the opportunity to earn a corporate employee discount because it is one of these energy saving items. Corporate America loves these types of products and the employee discount is an added bonus.