What if you lived in a computer simulation? That’s right, as if in a video game. You can see yourself flying an airplane, driving a car, working in an office and so much more.

Today, more people than ever before are asking the question, “What if you lived in a computer simulation?” One reason for this is our focus on artificial intelligence. In a series of books and articles, I have tried to explain the concept of artificial intelligence. Simulations and the Internet go hand in hand with each other these days.

Consider that a computer is capable of learning. It is able to do things and learn from its past experiences. In a way, it is a program that has learned from its own mistakes. It continues to learn and adapt. This is how computers function. So, if a computer is able to change, in order to adapt, it could be considered an artificial intelligent life form.

However, there are limits to what a computer can do. Today, we have machines that can beat the best human players at chess or even at playing games with real people online. However, a computer cannot think, feel or reason like a human can.

Can we download software into a computer and make it act like a human? That’s a good question. We can certainly modify parts of a computer simulation such as its graphics or its behavior. However, can we upload enough data into a computer so that it becomes a completely simulated reality? Currently, we cannot.

Therefore, no one can answer the question “what if you lived in a computer?” right now. It would be too impossible to do. However, scientists are working on ways to simulate reality using complex mathematical equations. When these equations are coupled with advanced computer systems, we should be able to create an exact replica of what humans experience.

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If we were to upload enough information into a computer, eventually it would be able to duplicate humans, understand their thoughts and feelings, think and reason. It would understand how to get along with other individuals, and even have knowledge of past and future history. A computer of this caliber would have the ability to create advanced software that would have the ability to replace every human in the world. When it became a fully functional system, all of its experiences would be stored in its memory banks, and it would be able to provide answers to any questions that anyone might ask.

However, if we were to not make use of simulated reality in our future artificially intelligent computers, we could be sure that someone would find a way to beat us at our own game. We may have superior weapons and technology today, but that doesn’t mean our technology would remain forever unmatched. It may be very possible that our artificially intelligent computer system would be built with artificial intelligence, but it could still be challenged by an artificially intelligent supercomputer that was made using deep learning. It is entirely possible that in the future we will be completely dependent on artificial intelligent computer systems for our daily business operations. Please consider all this.

If an artificially intelligent computer system was built with artificial intelligence and was programmed to duplicate human social situations; would they still be able to beat humans at their own game? No doubt they would. They would be able to do whatever it takes to survive and thrive among their own peers. Therefore, if we built a computer with artificial intelligence which was also programmed to evolve and then programmed it to continue to evolve until it reached a stage where it could competently compete with a human at his level, would we then have a computer with intelligence equal to that of a god?

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Would we still have the leadership that we are currently enjoying? Many people ask the question what if you lived in a computer simulation? Do you believe that if the government funded one of these experiments that they would get it right? Well, remember the Chinese built the first computer, and now there are millions of computers all over the world running. Therefore, I would submit to you that there is at least a 90% chance that they would get it right.

Now, then back to the original question; What if you lived in a computer generated world with artificial intelligence and superior knowledge. Could you outsmart the Chinese? Most likely yes, and as long as they have a backup they could win every time. Please consider all this.