Many makeup artists try to avoid UNPREDICTABLE makeup artistry ideas, thinking that they are simply not good enough. I will tell you my story about a few of these “myths” and how they can kill your career. My name is Kat Von D and I am a makeup artist who has been doing amazing work for quite some time. I never had the “perfect” skin, and when I started getting better, I wanted to keep everything as natural as possible. I went out and got a professional stylist, and we did many things that I would not do if I were the only one using these UNPREDICTABLE make up ideas.

My professional stylist helped me make a huge transformation. She taught me to go natural, even if I didn’t feel like it. After that first appointment with her, I was blown away by the results. The results were so great that I still use some of the look today. She was a huge inspiration to me and allowed me to take bold steps in improving my looks.

Did you know that almost anyone can learn to do their own eyebrows? I once saw a commercial for a makeup artist who was making huge waves in her field. She was an amazing make up artist! She used NO MILD COSTENSATION AND THIS IS WHY I love her. She is an incredible artist and I have learned so much from her.

Another artist once told me that the best tips she ever received was to make my eyes “bigger.” I wasn’t really sure what she meant by that and thought it might be too “artsy.” But when she explained the technique to me, I was totally blown away.

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She told me to use shadows on my eyelids and blended them out with a brush. She then applied concealer and brow powder before setting on some bright lighting. When the light was done, she repeated the process on the crease of my face. She created this beautiful look and makeup artist was so impressed. I was totally freaked out by the fact that she was able to make me look like an adult.

Another thing that I learned was how to apply eye liner correctly. It was a huge revelation because I had never applied eye liner before. I looked like a total fool, but as I was told by the professional, it’s not all that hard. If you want to really learn how to apply this correctly and create awesome lines, I would highly recommend investing in a professional guide.

The next thing I learned was how to get rid of make up, eye liner and mascara at night. It took me forever to get these down. I also learned that it’s hard to see good results because my eyelashes are so thin. So I decided to invest in a mascara extender for night time. The make up artist suggested that I use Revlon’s line, but I already had my eye make up bag ready to go so I went ahead and got the Revlon.

I recently went to get my eyebrows done and I was blown away by what the professional did. She started by applying dark eye shadow on my entire eye lid and brought it up to my eyebrows. Then she started with the eyebrows shaping and filling. From there, she applied some mineral foundation to give the illusion that I had just gone out into the sun. She also put on some concealer and powder eyeshadow and set it with a flush darker color.

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