There are many body parts that help reveal your true intelligence. Some of these are your ears, eyes, mouth, nose, scalp, heart, and fingers. If you were to analyze these parts in isolation they would seem very simple. But when all is put together they give a picture of your level of thinking.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a person who you didn’t know well, you’ll notice that the person has good body parts. They’re attractive, confident, and their body language is inviting. Whereas if you were to look at someone who didn’t have those attractive features and their body language was very non-presentative, their thoughts were very guarded and their body parts looked very weak. This shows that the one having the better features on these body parts is higher in IQ and smarter than the other.

The same holds true for those with less attractive body parts. They’re not as inviting to talk to and their body parts to give them a very hard time expressing their thoughts in terms of intelligence. And even those with extremely weak physical body parts are usually quite intelligent. This just proves that there’s a lot more going on when it comes to your overall level of intelligence than most people think.

Other body parts can also reveal your level of intelligence. You can tell a great deal about how you’re doing mentally just by looking at certain parts of your body. Your eyes can be revealing. Eyes are always wide open, giving you an appearance of openness and honesty. And if you’re nervous or tense, your eyes will be reflecting that, giving you an overall sense of worry or unease.

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Your hands can also be revealing. If you’re holding something in your hands that you don’t want anyone to see, your hand can make that point. If you’re holding a phone between your shoulder blades and you don’t want anyone to see the number, your hand can be a problem. But your legs can as well, giving you another clue about how you’re thinking.

Your voice can also be picked up on just by the way your body is positioned. Those with long torsos will have to really hold themselves back, and if they’re talking on the phone, they’ll speak louder than someone with shorter torsos. Someone with short torsos will probably speak quieter, probably because they’re more comfortable with what they’re doing. This is why you can almost always tell a bit about somebody by the way they sit down. If you don’t know somebody very well, but you can see that the person sitting behind a desk or talking on the phone, that person probably has a professional air about them.

The way your body moves also shows a lot about what you’re thinking. Your hands should be in some position where they show no weakness. If you have to bend over to pick something up from the floor, then you’re probably using your weak legs. This doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt, it just means that you shouldn’t show any weaknesses. It’s very easy to show your weakness while working on the computer, so you’re better off not doing that.

Other parts of your body are just as important as the other parts. You need to think about what parts of your body need to be flexible in order for you to move around properly. Flexibility is really important in order to avoid suffering an injury. So try to do some stretches and exercises that improve your flexibility.

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