In The Future of Robotics, Michael Caine explains how robotics can help people in all walks of life. In the future, people will have bodies with robotic appendages that never leave their sides. Their thoughts will be recorded in a computer and sent to an immediate network by which they will be evaluated. The computer will then decide if the person is worthy of being implanted with a robotic appendage. If this is deemed necessary, humans may have a body double permanently attached to them.

If humans are not made artificially intelligent robotic androids, we may soon find ourselves in the position of having to be our own personal slaves. We will no longer be able to go out doors. Instead, we will have to go through doors programmed by machines. We will no longer be allowed to make choices as individuals, but must follow blindly as programmed. The future may indeed be a scary one.

In the past, there have been discussions on whether or not it would be safe to let artificially intelligent robotic devices take over the role of human beings. These discussions often center around issues such as whether or not it is ethical to let a machine to take over the tasks traditionally performed by a human. However, Caine takes a different view of the future. As he states, “If you put a group of perfectly good kids together in a room, they could figure out a way to be each other’s servant for a whole day.” This may indeed happen in the future. However, in my opinion, it is not a fair comparison to put young adults in a situation where they are forced into slavery against their will.

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What the future may bring is the creation of an artificially intelligent robotic assistant, orroid, that will assist human beings in their everyday endeavors. This will free them up for other endeavors, leaving the android to handle the more mundane tasks. However, these tasks will still be far from dull. Humans may very well create an android who can carry out all of the mundane tasks in a more efficient and effective manner than humans can.

How will this impact the world? Well, consider if you will all of the robotic android maids we will need in the coming years. They will do a lot of the chores, which will free up more time for the humans who will be able to go about their daily lives without any worries. The robotic android will also be an asset in the ever-changing and constantly evolving job market.

As interesting as all of this may sound, one must remember that robots will never replace humans. Not at one hundred percent. Instead, they will only be able to complement the tasks that humans can perform. That doesn’t mean that they won’t take over some of the more mundane tasks either. We will have robots that can do simple tasks like cleaning houses and emptying trash bins. However, they will never do the complex tasks that a human would be capable of completing easily.

What about the future of robotics? In fact, it is possible that the future of robotics could see one type of robot existing before our very eyes. It may not sound like a science fiction movie, but it is something that is being discussed right now. If you do a little research into robotics today, you will find out that many types of robots are already here today, as well as some that could be in the future.

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One possibility that researchers are currently working on is a type of robotic exoskeleton. This robot would be able to walk, talk, and basically operate on its own. While this concept sounds silly, it is something that is being developed in order to help rescue those who are trapped underneath a collapsed building. These future robots will be made completely automated and will allow people to safely climb out of the way of a collapsing building without harming themselves. If you do a little research on the future of robotics today, you will learn that we have already created robots that are capable of picking up objects, picking up tools, and even cleaning up spills.