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What Life May Looks Like 1000 Years From Now

What life may look like a thousand years from now, is hard to define. Right now our reality is dictated by our present understanding of life and by the scientific study of that which we call reality. We live in… Continue Reading →

What is user acquisition

What is user acquisition? Simply put, it is the process of gaining new clients or acquiring new sales for a brand, a product or even a company. In the fast growing world of mobile, user acquisition is an increasingly popular… Continue Reading →

How much is kayo

How much is Kayo subscription worth? If you are new to the market of subscriptions, then you may not know the answer to this question. Many people will join an HD television subscription, pay for a magazine subscription and then… Continue Reading →

How much is stan

How much is Stan? For those of you who are new to the world of internet marketing, you will probably not know what Stan is. Basically, Stan is a super powerful and efficient VPN server that allows you to access… Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Mobile Phones From Identity Theft

Smartphone hacking is not a new concept. The iPhone and Blackberry were targeted by security firms last year, but there was no public backlash. The attacks on these gadgets were largely symbolic, as they showed just how vulnerable consumers can… Continue Reading →

The Best Spy Hacks to Remove Spyware From Your Computer

If you have ever been frustrated with the ineffectiveness of some of the anti-spy software on the market, you will appreciate the information that this article is going to provide you. I am going to show you how you can… Continue Reading →

What is a Web Bug?

A web bug is an alert sent to a person’s screen that causes a trouble in the functioning of a web-based program or system. It appears as a pop up window or small alert window. When a web-user opens the… Continue Reading →

How Much Data Does Android Use Automatically?

Today, android is one of the leading mobile operating systems and one of the most popular too. android uses the Linux kernel and is loaded with many thousands of applications and other tools to make life easier for the user…. Continue Reading →

What If You Live in a Computer Simulation?

What if you lived in a computer simulation? That’s right, as if in a video game. You can see yourself flying an airplane, driving a car, working in an office and so much more. Today, more people than ever before… Continue Reading →

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