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What Is Proteinase K?

In recent years, proteinases such as Proteinase K have become crucial to keeping hair healthy and manageable. It plays a crucial role in maintaining hair shaft flexibility, keeps them from breaking when removed from the scalp, helps in the regeneration… Continue Reading →

What is the density of pluto

When discussing what is the density of pluto, one must be sure that they are referring to the solid bulk of this planet. Although it is called a “dwarf planet”, it is much less dense than comets or ice chunks…. Continue Reading →

What Is An Episome?

What is an Epiome, you may ask? Epiomes are a set of sequences, or genes that are passed on from parent to offspring. These genes often repeat between generations making the offspring’s DNA different from its parents’ DNA, thus leading… Continue Reading →

Do you know how to discharge a high voltage capacitor safely?

It is not always easy to learn how to discharge a high voltage capacitor. This is mainly because the capacitor can be very dangerous if you are not sure what you are doing. Also, it will take some time and… Continue Reading →

What is the difference between chlorine and bleach?

What is the difference between chlorine and water disinfection? This is one question that many people would like to get an answer to but the truth is that there is no clear cut answer. There are many types of treatment… Continue Reading →

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