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What Things Will Disappear in Just a Few Years?

What things will disappear in just 20 years? That is the question many scientists and researchers ask themselves because it seems like we are looking at a science-fiction version of our future. There have already been some notable achievements in… Continue Reading →

Can Machine Think??

Can Machine Think? It is a book by John Locke wherein he poses the question, can man and computer ever work side by side, to solve a problem, for each is at odds with the other? I found this book… Continue Reading →

What If Robots Started to Replace People – Robotic Software Engineers Challenge Human Psychology

What if robots started to replace people in all the jobs that people do? What if the government told all employers to use a robot to perform all the work? What if the government told all car companies to have… Continue Reading →

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence in a Team?

There is a lot of talk these days about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its possible future. Researchers and futurists have been discussing this topic for years. One issue that has been argued on is whether or not human beings will… Continue Reading →

15 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI

One of the most popular areas of Artificial Intelligent research is the field of AI systems, which many believe will completely change the way we do business in the future. Many people are investing heavily in companies that are working… Continue Reading →

The Future Age of Robotics

In The Future of Robotics, Michael Caine explains how robotics can help people in all walks of life. In the future, people will have bodies with robotic appendages that never leave their sides. Their thoughts will be recorded in a… Continue Reading →

What Will Artificial Intelligence in 2021 Bring Us?

Artificial intelligent computers by the twenty-first century will be able to accomplish and compete with human beings at every level of human endeavor. Will humans be able to compete and be successful? Many people do not think so. Even those… Continue Reading →

How Will Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Technology Change the World?

How will Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things change the world? Well, it’s not just a question for scientists and programmers to speculate on. The answer may surprise you. Just look around you and see all the amazing things… Continue Reading →

Will a Robot Take My Job?

In this article we are going to look at 3 reasons why will a robot take my job? Well, you see we all need jobs and work, the problem is finding something that pays enough that it makes sense to… Continue Reading →

How Can Artificial Intelligent Computers Be Programming Not to Make Mistakes?

How can artificial intelligent computers to be dangerous? Even while artificially intelligent computers have not yet achieved human-level super-intelligent status, the technological, legal, economic, cultural and political issues are vast and complicated enough that it is necessary to look at… Continue Reading →

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