Seven Islands, also known as the Bahamas, is a chain of three small islands that are part of the Caribbean. These islands are not only beautiful but offer some of the best beaches in the entire Caribbean. However, seven islands is a lot to cover in just one article. There are so many things to see and do in the islands that it is hard to cover them all in just one article. I will give you a quick overview of each of the seven islands and provide you with a link you can use to get more information about them.

First off, I would like to mention that although there are several islands in the Caribbean, none of them are allowed to be called Seven Islands in the United States. The United States government has decided that there are too many islands in the Caribbean and labels them all as Caribbean Islands. This island name issue has caused a bit of confusion where people refer to the Bahamas as “seven islands” when actually the island names refer to seven islands in total.

Agatir is the capital city of St. Thomas and is located on St. Thomas Island. It is a small island located in the Caribbean near the Virgin Gorda on the east side of St. Thomas. Most visitors to this island are of French or Spanish descent and it is very popular among those populations. Many beaches are available on this island including Freeport Beach, which is a white sand beach that is easy to find because of its location.

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Another popular destination on this island is Freeport. This is a large city on the island of Barbados and contains the world famous Baywatch rescue team. It is a popular beach for Caribbean vacationers because of its large number of beaches. Two of the main freestanding beaches are Grand Bay and Port Antonio. Other beaches are Belle Mare, which have white sand, and Grand Cayman, which contain black sand.

One other island that is popular for Caribbean vacations is Paradise. This island was originally called Palmar Island and is off the coast of Puerto Rico. Paradise features many different types of water sports and activities for those who enjoy them. There are boating and fishing charters as well as dolphin tours and sightseeing tours. There are many restaurants on Paradise and a popular beach is Capri beach. This is a great place for families to go during their Caribbean vacation.

Aruba is another very popular destination for Caribbean vacations. It is located on the east side of Venezuela and is about an hour from Miami. The beaches are very wide and offer plenty of water activity. It is also a great choice for people who would like to enjoy some windsurfing or snorkeling. Some of the most popular beaches on Aruba are Palm Beach, which has wide white sand beaches and Grand Bay, which is known for its offshore surfing.

One of the best beaches in Aruba is the beach at Espinal. This beach is very long and leads you to a view of the southern coastline and the large bay at La Grande. Here you will find a great variety of shellfish, sea turtles, and tropical fish. There are also schools of birds on this beach.

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On this island there are also beaches for the younger crowd. One such location is the beach at Espinal. You will find volleyball nets and other fun equipment and there are also restrooms and concession stands. This beach is also home to the Bikini Bar at Espinal. This bar offers Caribbean style music and dancing.