The Riddle of the Three Kings is a best-selling novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is a sequel to Sherlock Holmes and My Fair Lady and has an unlimited number of fans. It is an incredible tale of murder, intrigue, romance, and a mysterious plot that linger in the heart of a kingdom for several books. People of all ages can appreciate the rich style of storytelling that pervades the work. Even those without high IQ can grasp the plot.

The story begins in 1290, when King John of England is on a fishing trip on the river Thames. On this trip, he stumbles upon a gruesome murder, which is claimed by his subjects as being done by his evil brother, James. The King immediately suspects the death of his brother, who had been said to be responsible for another violent murder committed just a few months before. To clear his brother’s name, the King orders a massive search of the whole country to find the culprit.

A group consisting only three people enter the mysterious woods in order to solve the riddles. They include his wife, the mother of his two daughters, and a man called Riddle. Riddle is described as a clever and experienced rake and he solves the riddles expertly. He is a former knight and he has been trained in archery, climbing, bowling, billiards, fencing, and many other skills. His talents are put to good use when he becomes the right counselor to the King. His expertise and sharp mind to help the people of the land in solving their problems.


The book has an endless amount of clever riddles that make it interesting. At every turn, Conan Doyle adds a new puzzle, making the book more exciting and enjoyable. His imaginative approach to the riddles makes the book entertaining. There are also clues throughout the book that make it interesting as well.

The riddles in this book are designed so that they cannot be solved instantly. You have to spend time trying different methods and then analyze what you have done. However, once you have completed one riddle, you have to go back to the beginning and try it again, in order to solve the riddles and to get the next clue.

The book comes with detailed instructions on how to solve the riddles. It also includes a number of examples showing how the various types of riddles can be solved. The book also comes with a number of sample problems. These sample problems give you a taste of the type of problem that you may encounter while solving a real riddle. The book also contains an introduction to the world of writing riddles.

The book includes fifty different types of riddles. Some of them are designed to test your logic and others are just fun riddles that will puzzle people. Some of them require deduction while solving them and some require physical skills. The book explains a number of ways of writing riddles. Some of the riddles are suitable for novice readers, while others are suitable for more advanced readers.

The book also contains information about some ancient civilizations from around the world. Some of these civilizations used riddles as a method of communication. Therefore, you can use riddles from such civilizations to solve mysteries. The book has details of how to write riddles. It also has information about the history of riddles and about how they became popular as a puzzle.

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This is a very good book for people who want to try their hand at solving riddles. It is very easy to read and it is very readable. The book contains many designs that you could use for your riddles. The book provides instructions on how to create your own riddles. It is very easy to understand and the illustrations help make the riddles clear.

If you are new to the game of riddles, this is the perfect book to start with. It will teach you all that you need to know about creating puzzles and solving riddles. It also contains information about how people feel when solving a riddle. This is a very enlightening read.

The book ends with a few sample riddles. It is very easy to solve the riddles given in the book. You can also buy the complete Riddles book which contains over seventy different riddles. This book is not only a great solution for people who want to solve their problems of how to solve riddles but also for those who want to keep wondering about the nature of riddles.