What are the remedies for oily skin that work? This is a common question for anyone suffering from an oily complexion. The fact of the matter is that people with oily skin have more acne problems than people with less oily skin. And even those who don’t have acne problems have had problems with their skin over the years.

There are home remedies for oily face but what if you already have pimples? If your face is oily then washing it too often can cause more breakouts. You want to reduce the oil on your face to prevent more clogged pores and pimples forming. So how do you do this?

One effective home remedies for oily face is an egg. The only problem is that you need to be very careful when using an egg as a remedy. The egg can be effective at killing bacteria because of its high acidic level, but too much of an egg could cause your face to become red and inflamed.

Another remedy for oily skin is a piece of cucumber. It is best to use a slice cut from a larger, non-oily face. Cucumbers have a high acid content that kills excess oil in the pores. But be careful with how much of the cucumber you use on your face. Cucumbers can also clog large pores, which could result in more breakouts.

A good source of salicylic acid is apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has a high salicylic acid content. Use a clean face wash and pour some onto your face in a gentle circular motion. Be sure to rinse well after you use the wash.

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One easy home remedy for oily complexion is to mix some honey with ripe grapeseed oil. Honey has been used for many years to treat oily skin. You can also add lavender and Rosemary essential oils to the mixture. Warm the mixture up in your hands then apply it all over your face and neck. Leave it on for about 10 minutes before washing it off.

Another home remedy for oily face involves egg white. Simply use a tiny amount of egg white to create a paste. You can then apply the paste over your face. To get better results, let the paste dry for about 10 minutes before you rinse it off.

Lastly, there is an astringent that is both a home remedy and a natural remedy. Astringents are great for reducing scars and blemishes caused by acne. You can make your own astringent paste using fresh lemon juice, cornstarch and water. If you do not have fresh lemons available, lemon juice mixed with cornstarch will do the job as well.

You can also try applying the paste to your face. Let the paste dry and you will be able to see a difference within 15 minutes. Apply this every morning after your face is thoroughly cleansed and you will see a dramatic change in less than a week.

An additional home remedy for oily skin is the lemon juice remedy. This remedy can take several forms. For example, you can take a fresh lime and squeeze the juice into a small bottle. Use this on your face once or twice a week. The acidity of the lemon juice helps to exfoliate and cleanse your pores.

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Tea tree oil is another good source of salicylic acid. It works well as a cleanser for oily skin. To make this more effective, mix it with some lavender oil. This can be rubbed into your face before you wash it.

A third remedy for oily face is to use an aloe vera gel and wash your face. Aloe vera gel has many benefits for the skin. It can help to heal sunburns and reduce blemishes and irritation. If you can find a gel that contains both alpha and beta-hydroxy acids, you will have the best combination for your face.