How to paint French doors is a skill that can be learned. A great deal of time and money will be spent on the decision of what color paint will be used on what walls. This is the first step in learning how to paint French doors. Once the decision has been made to paint then the contractor can move onto other areas of the project.

When the doors have been properly cleaned, sanded and primed then it is time to paint. The contractor will have an initial color which is applied, followed by multiple coats of color which last until the look is completely smooth. The process needs to be done very carefully. The first coat should be quite thin. It should only be a couple of layers thick.

How to paint French doors can be complex if there are any raised panels. If so, the entire panel must be painted in the same session. If this is not the case, a piece of plywood, six or eight inch wide, can be used as a guide to allow for a uniform application of the paint. The top edge of the door can also be painted with a light coat to prepare the surface for the next coats. Use a brush or roller to apply the first coat and allow it to dry before applying another.

Before painting on the doors, it is important to prepare the surfaces of the wall and door. Apply an appropriate sealant to prevent any water from getting into the cracks or crevices. This will prevent the surface from rusting. After the sealant has been applied, use a brush to remove any excess paint and thoroughly clean the surfaces.

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In order to know how to paint french doors, the surface of the doors need to be thoroughly cleaned. Sanding the door will accomplish this task. A sander can be used to remove the loose paint that can be seen between the panels of the door. Be sure to sand both sides of each panel to ensure even sanding. This part of the project is easy; it will only take a few minutes. It will ensure the durability of the panels by removing any uneven spots.

The last step in learning how to paint French doors is applying the color of your choice. Use a small brush or roller to apply the paint to the door and smooth out any bubbles that may appear. A combination of primer and paint will allow you to create a smooth surface when the panels are completely dry. Wait at least forty-five minutes between applying the primer and the color of the paint. This will allow the color to properly soak into the wood.