Can you imagine article marketing with Artificial Intelligent computers and Canapical intelligence controlling the articles? That is to say an artificial intelligence system that will write articles for you, and give you high quality work. Now then let’s consider this scenario. How about that? Well, let me explain;

Lets say there is an Article writing expert and well he is an expert at article writing. He has written hundreds of top-quality articles for years. His articles are search engine optimized and have been for years. He has a mailing list of subscribers and has many loyal clients who visit his website every day. Yet; he is not making any money from his marketing efforts. It turns out he needs to do something different to attract these new clients and retain his current client base.

Well he does not want to change his style or write any different articles, he just wants to do what works. Now then he decides to get the Artificial Intelligent computer to research the topic of his articles. What comes out of the Artificial Intelligent computer is a working artificial intelligent system which can research, create new articles, and even write its own. That is right, this article author, due to the way his article titles are written, is not receiving the high quality of traffic he needs to make any money. So he decides to research the title of his articles to see if it is performing well.

After he researched the articles he writes are producing high quality content that the visitors to his site want to read. It turns out he was wrong about his title, his keyword research was flawed, his content did not perform as he thought it would, and therefore his artificial intelligent system was not receiving enough visitors. Thus, he needs to do a little tweak in his system to help his system to receive more visitors. Well he does not do much of a tweaking, all he does is change the keywords in his title and his keywords in his content to something a little more targeted and interesting.

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Well now he goes on to explain how all this can be done, and once he is able to accomplish this he will be able to write fewer articles, and he will be able to produce more relevant content for his site. His article writing software will also be able to handle the anchor text links and the back links, and the keywords he used in his titles and articles. This all sounds very nice, but if he cannot find his self using the software in the process he is wasting his time. So he does a little more research and finds the best software possible.

This software he found uses keywords and keyword phrases that have been used the most and has been receiving the most visitors. It is capable of analyzing all of the keyword phrases in its database. It is also able to analyze and create relevant articles out of the keywords that are already there. The articles it creates are generally better quality than those he would be able to create if he were using the conventional article writing process. And the best thing of all is that he will be able to use this new system as a free home based work.

If you are looking for a way to make more money or lower your costs of operating your business, then this might just be the right option for you. You will be able to save so much money and have so much more time to work on other things that are really important. He even says that you will be able to take the same amount of time and put in just as much effort as someone who uses a conventional publishing system, but with much more success. And as the author he can take all of the credit or all of the blame.

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