Have you ever thought about a road trip through Oregon? It is one of America’s favorite road trips: It traverses through some of the most beautiful locations in the country. Here, you can look at a list of your favorite stops on the Oregon coast. Here, you’ll find useful driving tips, scenic driving advice, for example Oregon road trip routes, and so much else. Here’s what you need to know:

Hiking around the Oregon Coast is a fun activity you won’t soon forget. There are many great hiking locations, you will want to hit when on your Oregon Coast road trip. Hiking along the Oregon Coast Highway gives you amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, along with plenty of wildlife to see. The most popular hiking spots include Tillamook State Park, the Scappo River, Big Horn Island, and the Rogue River. All these sites are about an hour east of Portland.

After a long day of hiking on the Oregon Coast road trip, head over to Tillamook State Park for breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. At Tillamook, you’ll also find other popular attractions like historic Cody Place, where the renowned author Huckleberry Finn spent his time while living in Oregon. At the southern end of Tillamook, you’ll find two beautiful beaches where you’ll be able to swim and enjoy the spectacular sunsets. The best way to enjoy these beaches is by using a car rental from Hoodia to drive you around. Your shuttle will take you right into the middle of Oregon’s gorgeous wine country.

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If you love ocean views, you must visit Port Orford, Oregon. Port Orford is only 40 miles away from Portland, and it offers even more Oregon Coast adventures for you and your friends. One of the most popular stops on the Oregon Coast, Port Orford has a great selection of lodging for guests who want to stay close to nature. At the end of your Oregon Coast Road trip, stop at the Sandstone Hotel to take a beautiful stroll along the beach. The hotel offers complimentary continental breakfast each morning and guests love the peaceful ambiance that is provided by this establishment.

Two hours north of Portland, you’ll want to make a day of it when it comes to stopping in Kalapuya, Oregon’s capital. Known for its picturesque seaside towns, natural hot springs, and world class restaurants, Kalapuya Beach is a perfect destination for a road trip through Oregon. Once you head north on Highway 101, just a few miles stretch from downtown Kalapuya, you’ll come across the Pacific Ocean. Surfing, kayaking, and other water sports can be enjoyed on the highly regarded Pacific Coast Highway. After a quick stop at the Tillamook Historical Society, drive back to the highway to visit one of the most famous landmarks of Oregon: the historic Tillamook Dam.

Florence, Oregon is a small town with a great reputation for outdoor adventure. It makes an ideal location for a road trip through southern Oregon because Florence features some of Oregon’s finest natural attractions. While you’re driving through northern Oregon, make sure to stop in Florence for some shopping and dining opportunities at one of their many popular beachfront shops. Known for its sand dunes, Florence is also home to a number of hiking trails that take you on a nature lover’s reward tour around the scenic dunes.

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One of the largest National Parks in Oregon is the Everglades. This park features two areas of natural beauty: the San Diego National Park, near the border between California and Texas, and the Sea Lion caves, located in northern Oregon. The sea lion caves hold hundreds of sea lions and other creatures that live in an area of Oregon called the Everglades, which is protected as a national park.

You may be looking for more sea lions, but you may not want to look for them in Florence, Oregon. Instead, you’ll likely enjoy excellent ocean views and a variety of wildlife while you travel through southern Oregon. A drive through this region allows you to see beautiful Florence and other scenic areas that are home to animals like the sea lion, the sand turtle, the deer, and a variety of birds and sea lions. Along your route, there are many opportunities to explore Oregon’s wine country, discover the charm of Bend Oregon, explore northern Oregon’s Tillamook county seat, or explore the vast forests of the Rogue River.