Marshmallow Peeps can be used in any recipe that calls for eggs. Eggs may seem to be on the prohibited list, but you can’t please everyone. If you have omelets or scramble, you can use them in those recipes too. You may want to alternate them depending on what you are after.

Kids really enjoy eating anything shaped like a treat. When given a treat that is shaped like a character they love, they will eat it no matter what. This is one of the main reasons why they are so popular as treats. Kids are happy and excited about trying new things, even if it doesn’t involve marshmallows.

These treats can be wrapped up and stored in the freezer for later use. That way you can take them along on a picnic or camping trip. Once camp is over, the kids can go back to the house and enjoy them on their own. They are so easy to prepare and store that it is almost impossible to make a mess of it. If you want to enjoy them as snacks throughout the day, this is one of the best ways to go.

While some parents feel that giving children marshmallow peeps is inappropriate, it is actually a very cute idea. It is fun to give them small gifts that they will enjoy. They love being able to save the little candy as well as being able to surprise their parents. This will endear them to their parents in a positive way.

Some people think that these treats should be given to very young children. While this is true, they can still be enjoyed byolds as well. These come in an assortment of colors and flavors. For a small child, getting a marshmallow would be very exciting. They can be given away as favors for a birthday party or even a gathering.

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Many kids like to keep these treats as souvenirs from special occasions. If they are given to a teenager who is graduating from high school or college, there will likely be a lot of interest in their gift. They will love the fact that they were able to have a small part in their graduation. As a college graduate, they will be able to look back and remember their time with friends and family. Giving them a special treat is a great way to remember such an event.

A kid’s room can be decorated in an enjoyable manner using these treats. They can get them for free if they are purchased in bulk. They will add color and fun to any room, whether it is a playroom den or bedroom. They are easy to find and make a great favor for a shower, birthday party or just as a way to cheer someone up on their special day. It is no wonder why these Marshmallow Peeps has become such a popular gift.

To make these treats, all that is needed is a box with a lid and some small marshmallows. You do not need to make a large treat as these are fairly small and are usually covered in chocolate. This makes them fun to give as gifts to children as well as adults. The small size makes them easy to put into any kind of bag to be given as a gift.

While these treats are fun for children, they are even more fun when given as a freebie. Everyone likes to get something for free and this is a very good chance to do so. Freebie gifts can include things like DVD’s, video games, MP3 players, or other electronics that are appealing to children.

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Marshmallow Peepers can also be used as prizes for some type of contest. They can work well for both kids and adults. Any type of contest will have the audience anticipate what kind of treat they will get. This will make the competition more exciting for the participants. This could include a relay race where the kids get to eat the treats first, or even a dance contest where the winners get to get a prize.

You can also make these treats on your own. There are plenty of recipes online that can be used to make them. It is fun to make things from home and experiment with different flavors. You might be surprised at some of the different flavors that you can come up with.