One of the most controversial topics surrounding black men is how to grow dreadlocks. It’s not a subject that is easy to talk about amongst people, or even amongst professionals such as hairstylists and barbers. Dreadlocks are one of the most unique forms of facial hair. Most modern celebrities, especially those with long hair, have their locks at an approximate length of approximately five inches. However, many black men, especially those with coarse hair, continue to keep their locks at an increased length, sometimes well over seven or eight inches in length.

How to grow dreadlocks is largely a matter of trial and error. Some aficionados swear by using special shampoos, called dread shampoos, which induce the dreads to grow faster. Other aficionados swear that constant brushing of the hair with a bristle brush will actually cause the dreadlocks to grow faster. Brushing coarse hair with a bristle brush should never be done for more than a few seconds; however, the pressure applied may force the roots of the hair into the tight lock, causing it to grow more quickly than otherwise.

How to grow dreadlocks also depends on how many locks one wants to grow. Locks are easier to grow when they are between three to four inches long. The process of increasing the size of the lock can be sped up by breaking the longer hairs down into manageable lengths. Two different methods of unlocking the knotting hairs are described below. The palm rolling method of unlocking the dreadlocks is performed by wrapping a large piece of hand lotion, or similar substance, around the root of the lock, and then breaking off a small section of the lock near the end of the lotion.

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How to grow dreadlocks in this manner requires some practice to get the hang of it. It is important that the skin around the dreadlock not be irritated when applying the lotion so as not to irritate the scalp and aggravate the condition. Once the lotion has been applied, wrap the deadlock with a towel and allow it to dry overnight. Washing the hair thoroughly before dressing the hair can help eliminate build up of oils and dirt. Once the hair is washed and conditioned, it can be prepared to grow dreadlocks of any length.

How to grow dreadlocks that are not healthy hair growth can be achieved in much the same fashion. A person must wash their hair as usual but add a little lemon juice or vinegar to the shampoo to enhance its cleansing properties. The scalp should always be treated gently with an antiseptic after washing. After rinsing, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue from the cleanser. Clarifying shampoos are especially good at removing oils, styling agents and styling products left on the locks.

How to grow dreadlocks that are healthy through the application of simple methods involves the use of a twisting dreadlock brush. These brushes are made of natural fibers such as boar bristles, and they provide a means for a person to easily work the locks. The twisting action encourages new growth while discouraging older growth. If one twists the bristle incorrectly, it can create an effect similar to freezing.

How to grow long, beautiful dreadlocks is an issue that has plagued many people. There are a number of steps available to those looking to improve the appearance of their locks. For example, it has been proven that shampooing one’s hair helps produce healthy locks. This process reduces the amount of time needed to grow dreadlocks. However, for those looking for a shorter hairstyle, using combs with small holes in them has been proven to increase the length of the hair. However, these types of combs may cause breakage and may not provide a comfortable feeling.

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The most popular method of getting rid of unwanted locks is by obtaining a product called the dread sponge. This is a special cleaning agent that was designed to help remove stains from a person’s scalp. The Dread Sponge works by applying pressure to the scalp and removing any stains or dirt that has built up. No more breaking your hair to get rid of a dark patch on your scalp! You can even use this dread sponge on colored hair if you would like to remove the yellowness that may have occurred due to bleaching agents.