I’m going to share with you some genius food hacks that will save you a ton of money. Just think about how much money you spend at the grocery store. If you’ve ever walked into a store and have seen the insane amount of food that is on the shelves, you know that there is a reason for this. The retailers are making tons of profit off of people like you and me. Well, we’re about to cut them out of the equation and do it right for ourselves.

If you love to cook, then you’ve probably been reading tons of tips and tricks on how to save money on groceries by substituting ingredients! There is one thing that you must remember though: There are food hacks for specific types of foods. So, before you start buying products at the store, figure out what type of food you will be making in the coming weeks or months and then you’ll be able to buy the right products for the tasks you plan on completing.

Let’s take an example of peanut butter. If you love peanuts, then chances are good that you have a jar in your cupboard. If you don’t, you can easily find some online and in other stores where they are sold in smaller portions. Typically, they will cost you two dollars each, which is still cheaper than most grocery items. These recipes will only get you a few ounces of peanuts, so if you want to save even more money, then you can go with bulk buying and grinding your own peanut butter.

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Another example of genius food is fennel. People that live in the Southwestern part of the US and that are used to eating spicy food will absolutely love fennel! For less than a dollar per pound, it’s unbelievably cheap and a great spice to add to your already existing arsenal of seasonings.

A third example of food that will keep you a lot of money is popcorn. Everyone likes popcorn, and it’s cheap to stock up on when you season it right! Most people won’t touch the packets themselves, but if they do, they will be impressed by the healthy fats in the popcorn and by how good their taste is! Don’t underestimate the power of a good bag of popcorn! Most people will pay a fortune for the bag of chips when they put salt on top, but if you’re smart about it, then you can buy some healthier ingredients, such as corn starch, and save even more money.

The fourth type of food that you will be able to save money on our vegetables. When it comes to buying your vegetables, you want to go with dark leafy greens and colorful ones. Instead of potato chips, you might try instead celery sticks or carrots. Both of these are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which mean that you will be getting all the healthy nutrients in one nutritious snack, instead of three or four different snacks.

Another of these food hacks is things like lean meats. If you have some skin left on your chicken, fish, or beef, then by all means, put it on the grill to cook. Instead of using three cutlets of chicken, you can use five or six. Just remember to put them on very hot oil (or barbecue oil if you’re on a budget) and don’t let them stick to each other as they will burn very quickly. In fact, you should only cook one side at a time. After that, just cook the other side until it is done, and then flip.

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There are so many great things that are packed into these types of food hacks that will help you save money and make you healthier while you are eating. They are also easy to prepare and quick to get ready for, especially if you are in a hurry. These types of things are perfect for the times when you need some quick healthy snacks to eat and are not willing to waste any time or money on unhealthy fast food or junk foods.