How will Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things change the world? Well, it’s not just a question for scientists and programmers to speculate on. The answer may surprise you. Just look around you and see all the amazing things that have been done before you.

Take for example the mobile phone you’re currently holding in your hand. It has a camera, a GPS, a brain, and that is only one function. You can now take pictures, video, play music, send and receive emails, search the web, and do more things than any other person ever could do. But these capabilities were previously available only to government officials, corporate executives, programmers and tech geeks.

The advances we’ve seen in recent years is nothing short of amazing. If you haven’t taken advantage of some of the amazing applications already available, then you are really missing out. I would argue that there is still a long way to go, but with the right software you can start seeing results coming to you much sooner than you might think.

Of course humans are still going to be involved and most likely for many years to come. However, that doesn’t mean that the things that are possible today will be impossible in ten years. We are still in the early stages of development, so things are bound to change very quickly. When the future comes there will be no turning back. You must be prepared for whatever the future brings.

There are those who predict that the next five to ten years will witness a new and improved age of technology. They predict that artificial intelligent computers will one day be able to beat the grandmasters of the game, chess for instance. They may be able to beat the best chess players in the world, simply because they are programmed by a human mind. Will we be able to do the same thing with artificially intelligent and internet of things’ devices? It certainly seems possible.

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Will the future of computers be like the television set where everything you watch is set to advance? Will you be able to have things on your screen that you could not possibly have dreamed of ten years ago? Well, it sounds as if the answer to that question is yes. It does sound as if we are moving towards a world where everything you own or want to own can be remotely tracked, seen, and purchased. In other words the internet of things will allow you to have all the things you desire at your beck and call.

Is the future secure? In fact, it is probably better to be skeptical about things that claim to be true before they happen. After all the world has been trying to make the internet better for the last couple of decades. Why would someone come up with something completely different to try to take the place of what we already know?

Will artificial intelligent and internet of things devices replace all the jobs we have today? Probably not, but they will allow people to work from home which many people are currently interested in doing. This will lead to more jobs for teachers, scientists, programmers and so on. In other words, the future may well bring us Artificial Intelligent and Internet of things devices that can do almost anything that we wish.

Will there be competition for new things like cars, computers, phones and so on? Yes, just as with every other technology. However, what we do know is that the internet will greatly expand, meaning that there will be far more things available at lower prices than we could have ever imagined.

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How will artificial intelligent and internet of things devices change the political system? Currently, many people believe that the current system of politics and economic enslavement of human beings is beyond redemption. However, if we look back at history, things certainly did change for the better. The same may be true in the future.

How will artificial intelligent and internet of things devices affect our culture? Cultural values certainly do have an effect on how we act, think, and feel. Will our future humans be like Ripley in the movie, “The Movie,” or Will they be the progressive, cooperative, and moralistic thinkers described in this book? Please consider all this.