How to stretch Sandals without any pain is a question that most of the women suffering with joint pain ask almost everyday. There are several reasons for which one needs to stretch their feet regularly. To begin with, it keeps the bones strong and healthy. Moreover, it also prevents the joints from getting inflamed and swollen.

There are some simple ways of stretching the sandals always. Firstly, you can apply warm compress with your palm to your Sandals. After the warm compress, wrap the warm cloth around your toes. This will help you to warm up your feet and also relax the muscles of your toes. Then, you can take a rubber band, tie it around your foot and keep the other end stuck on top of the rubber band.

The next step is to stand with your feet apart. Now, take a pair of scissors and cut a small piece of leather strap from leather shoes of your choice. Tie this strap to your toe with the help of a tie band and pull it across your toes. This strap will help you to stretch your feet. However, this strap is quite thick and so, if you have wide feet, it may become very painful to stand for a long time.

Thirdly, if you do not have proper footwear then you can go for the electric models of shoe stretcher available in the market. If you want to buy any good pair of shoes then you can go for either Flat Feet or Fitted Footwear. For Flat Feet, it is better to use heat and foot cream. On the other hand, Fitted Footwear can be worn with the help of electric adaptors and hair dryer.

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Fourthly, you should have proper footwear for stretching sandals. For this you can go for flat feet shoes or high heels. However, if you have wide feet then you can go for tennis shoes or sneakers.

Fifthly, if you want to know how to widen the width of your feet, then you should wear socks that are of the wider variety. You can wear cotton socks and cotton pants. This will help you to spread the pressure of your foot evenly. Further, you can also wear cotton socks under your shoes in summers.

Then, you can take the help of elastic band and tie it around both your toes. This will prevent your toes from sticking out from the sandal. Further, you can go for a toe thickener which will help to widen the width of the sandal even more. This method is very effective but you should keep in mind to not wear the thinener near the end of the day.

Next, you should go for the proper type of shoes. For instance, you should avoid wearing sneakers while treating yourself to learn how to stretch sandals as they can cause stress to your feet. Also, you should use heat and apply it on your sandals after they are properly cleaned. Further, you can wear socks while going for swimming and at the same time use cotton socks. Finally, you should not forget to drink plenty of water so that your skin will remain hydrated. With all these tips, you can surely make use of the appropriate techniques while learning how to stretch sandals properly.

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