If you are a woman seeking to learn how to seduce a Taurus man sexually, there are some things you should know. Taurus men are renowned for their desire and love for women. This means that they will often pursue their desired woman aggressively and passionately. You must be able to meet this desire and keep your man intensely interested if you want to give him the best opportunity to fulfill it.

The first thing you must do in how to seduce a Taurus man sexually is to know how his self-confidence is built. You should not assume that he is naturally attractive, because that will only serve to reduce his self-esteem and make him feel insecure and unworthy. Take an honest assessment of his confidence level by asking him directly how confident he feels about himself. It is important that you do not allow yourself to be intimidated by this, because this will only serve to weaken you and make it difficult for you to move forward with this man sexually. Be supportive and encouraging of his self-confidence, but do not let it take control of your relationship. Instead, use this as a foundation for building a deeper bond between the two of you.

Knowing how to seduce a Taurus man sexually involves knowing when the right time to initiate the idea of sex is. Taurus men love the idea of intimacy, but they are also very shy when it comes to sharing physical contact. They want to feel as though they are giving this to you freely and without any pressure. When you are talking with him, take note of where he is physically located. He may not want to engage in a physical relationship, so wait until you can be alone and be sensitive to where he draws the line.

Next, you need to be confident and comfortable with what you are doing. When you are talking with him, be enthusiastic about the subject at hand. Let him know that you want to seduce him and that you would like to take the initiative. He is going to want to feel as if he is the one controlling the situation, which will drive him wild with desire. Be sure that you are confident and secure in your role as the one controlling the situation.

In order to truly take the lead, you need to be his best friend. Let him know that you will always be there for him no matter what happens. This means that you should never question or try to manipulate him in anyway. You should be supportive and loving towards the Taurus man that you are with.

While it is important to learn how to seduce a Taurus man sexually, you should not try to force him to do anything that he is not comfortable with. Taurus men have an extreme sense of self preservation and they do not like the idea of anyone else taking control of them. Therefore, you need to let things naturally progress. Relax and enjoy the ride. There is plenty of opportunity for love to start brewing!