Roasted and fried Breadfruit is an unusual but very delicious side dish that pairs extremely well with just about anything. When roasted, a simple quick fry in palm oil makes some wonderful crispy breadfruit with a nice crisp exterior and very soft inside. When fried, it has a crunchy, golden brown exterior that gives it a healthy boost. Either way, the crispiness of the outside is what really draws people to this side dish. Serve it with some potato chips and you will be absolutely certain people will notice you are using breadfruit in your recipe.

How to roast breadfruit can be achieved in a variety of different ways? One method is to cook it on the stove top. While many people do not find the oven very practical when it comes to cooking a fruit, some swear by the ease and efficiency of the stove top method. Just remember that you will need a gas oven or the like to roast breadfruit in. The time to roast varies according to the size of the pieces and how to prepare them. Those with large pieces may need to be cooked sooner than others, while those that are small can be roasted at room temperature.

Some suggest making a salad while others want it pureed and mixed with fruit. This is one of the more popular methods on how to roast breadfruit. You simply take the center of the fruit, which will have a lot of juice inside, and cut it down into small pieces. These pieces are then placed into an aluminum container that has been doused with olive oil or butter, heated in the oven for about the same amount of time as needed, and then served.

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Making the filling is also slightly different from how it is done with breads. Instead of using slices of bread, you can use pieces of fruit. You can either use canned fruit or cut-up apples and oranges. It is recommended using canned fruit since it is less likely to have seeds or pits, which could cause the fruit to burn.

The most popular way on how to roast breadfruit involves putting the pieces inside a pot, and covering it over a heat source. Some use a traditional fire, while others prefer to use a light bulb or a gas flame. This can either be in the stove top or on a burner. After the fruit has finished roasting, it should be ready for its first serving.

Those who do not like the taste of canned fruits can use the other method of how to roast breadfruit. You can add sugar or honey to the mix, which can help sweeten it up a bit. You can also add various spices and flavors.

If you are having it for breakfast, you can serve it as an alternative to granola bars. You can use raisins, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds or just plain sugar. Just remember not to add too much salt, as it will make it soggy. Another way on how to roast breadfruit would be to serve it chilled. After removing the skin, place it in a glass of water and freeze it until it is cold enough to serve.

Finally, how to roast breadfruit is to serve it when it is still warm. It is best if you cut it into small pieces first before putting it into a large bowl. Otherwise, it will harden too much during the process. It can be served just as it is or you can spice it up by adding some chopped nuts and/or raisins. With just a few simple steps, you will have a new way to prepare freshly-baked breadfruit slices.

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