How to plant Veronica remains a question that gardeners around the world wonder about. It’s a tall, woody cinquefoil with profuse leaves. The flowering period is in the spring, followed by the production of new shoots in the summer.

The best time for planting is late spring or early fall. It usually blooms during the second week of May or the first week of June. It is not an easy cinquefoil to grow, especially at the top of its height. To avoid problems with insects or to make sure that the flowers develop properly, it is recommended to divide it into four to six buds.

How to plant Veronica: Before planting, prepare the soil by adding one cup of bone meal and one tablespoon of lime per 5-inch pot. Keep in mind that the plant needs good drainage and the pot should be filled with water. The area should be filled with loosely packed compost. This will help the plants to form a strong root system and they will be less likely to succumb to disease.

After digging the hole, the trimmings should be put inside. The leaves on the stems should be removed, and any weeds should be trimmed away before placing the shrub into the holes. When the shrub is placed in the holes, fill them with a few inches of water. The leaves should be allowed to wither and dry out before filling the pot again with potting soil.

How to plant Veronica: Once the shrub is well cared for, a thick border of low growing grass should be spread across the whole area to help contain the shrub and prevent it from spreading to other areas. Water the grass regularly to keep it green. The soil should be moist but not wet. The soil should be slightly acidic in nature, because the cinquefoil is an alkaline grass.

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How to plant Veronica. After planting, follow the directions given on the packaging. Be careful, however, not to crowd the shrub. Covering it will make it have difficulty producing berries. Allow the plant to sit through the summer heat and cool weather without water. When the weather turns cold, water it every couple of weeks.

How to plant Veronica. Keep in mind that each plant has its own requirements. Some will need more sun than others. Some may require more watering than others. Most of all, know what you are getting. A small plant will be able to take more sun than a large one.

How to plant Veronica. The correct way to plant the shrub is to group young plants together by their growth habit. Start by putting three plants down close together. The middle plant should be in the back corner. Be sure that there are plenty of branches to catch moisture from the sun.

How to plant Veronica. After the shrub is planted, remember to dig a hole that is twice the root length. This gives the roots more room to spread out. Digging the hole twice as wide as the root will allow for air to circulate around the plant. This will keep the plant warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How to plant Veronica. In order to protect the shrub from harsh weather conditions, you should add a screen or something similar to it to the area where you will plant it. This will give it a little protection from wind and hard rain.

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How to plant Veronica. Once the ground is ready, plant the shrub in it. Keep in mind that you do not want it sprawling everywhere. Keep in mind that the shrub is going to have roots throughout the entire area, so it is important that they are in an upright position.

How to plant Veronica. Once the ground is ready, you will need to add some soil. If you are using peat moss, this can be easily found at your local garden store. Other soil types may need to be bought through a nursery.