If you are planning to create glass jewelry or have a piece that needs designing, how to make glass jewelry is a question you should be able to answer easily. This is because it is not really that difficult as long as you have the right tools. First of all you should prepare the different parts of the jewelry, then you have to get into the main magic. Read on to find out how to make glass jewelry with these tools.

* First of all, you have to string the Bicone glass beads together with the help of a thread. To do this you should make sure that you have enough Bicone strands of about a hundred strands. String the Bicone bead with the help of a thread till you reach the end of the string. This is one of the most common mistakes that people do and makes the glass jewelry-making process very difficult. When you string the Bicone beads you have to be very careful that you do not hurt yourself because if the thread gets caught by the bead it can cause some injuries.

* Next you have to string beads spacer onto your Bicone strands. The best thing to use is a piece of string beads spacer. This piece of string beads spacer can help you in keeping the Bicone strands in place without damaging them. But in order to use the best string beads spacer, you should opt for a colored glass bead that reflects the light. The most common and popular one used is the dyed jade bead.

* Now you can start creating the pieces of your Bicone strands that you are going to use to attach to the different pieces of your jade bead. Here is where the mistakes come in. Some of us prefer to use separate branches of the Bicone string in order to make different shapes. However, it is important that you use only one and even half strand when you string the glass bead to create different designs.

* Now you have stringed all the pieces of bead together and attached them to the head of the jade bead. You can now remove the head pin and carefully untie the Bicone from the string beads spacer. You should now be able to remove the bottom end of the Bicone bead. Now you have to do the process of separating the separate branches of the Bicone into 2 groups. You have to do this step carefully so that the head of the bead does not get caught on anything when you are removing the separated branches.

* The next step is to slowly and carefully pull the Bicone through the holes in the head of the string beads spacer until the whole thing is separated. You have now successfully completed the first part of your how to make glass jewelry making project. In the next part you will learn how to attach the Bicone to the other parts of the string beads spacer. This is also another great how to make glass jewelry-making project.