Many people wonder how to hide utility boxes in your yard. If you have a large utility box that you no longer use and want to sell, you may consider taking it down and placing it in an area of your yard where there is little foot traffic. This is one way that you can generate some side income by doing something you enjoy!

How to hide a box in your yard begins with planning ahead. You need to figure out the best spot for the box so that it is not going to be noticeable. Make sure that the ground in the area is level and that it does not slope towards your home. If you want to hide a box that is eight feet in diameter, you should make sure that it is buried at least six feet underground.

The next step in how to hide utility boxes in your yard is to buy the right tools to install the box securely. A ladder will work well because it can reach any level in your yard. You can also purchase boxes that are already buried with a built in ladder. Ladders that run up to your roof may work well as well. It is important to hide the box from passersby so they do not see the box and think it is still in use.

You can learn how to hide utility boxes in your yard by searching online for instructions. Some sites offer videos that show you how to install the box and cover it with dirt. Others have step by step instructions with pictures so that you can follow along with other people. These instructional videos can give you a better idea on how to hide boxes that are underground.

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You can hide utility boxes in your yard by buying some items to place around the box. Boxes can be made of wood, brick or concrete. Wood is the most popular but concrete is more durable and easier to clean. The most important thing when learning how to hide utility boxes in your yard is to make sure there is no one that will be able to find the box.

Placing an item that will cover the box will hide it until you are ready to take it down. When the weather is nice you can take the box down and place it in the grass or under a tree to hide it until next season. There are many items that you can buy to cover a box that you just buy it already attached to some type of structure. Covering it will keep the box protected from thieves and also makes it easier for you to find.