Learning how to grow mulberry tree is essential for any gardeners because it is after all a tropical tree. However, it is also a useful ornamental plant in the landscape. When planted in borders, it can provide privacy and enhance the contrast of colors between the plants. It can be grown in almost any location, since it does not need much space. You just need enough space for planting, staking and covering.

How to grow mulberry trees starts with choosing the appropriate planting pot. The pot size should be right for the tree’s needs. The diameter should be between six and 14 inches. Some mulberry trees grow well in pots that are only slightly bigger than the tree’s size. The pots should be planted in loose soil so that they will not become too compacted. Do not forget to put plenty of well-drained mulch in the planting pot.

In terms of watering, it is ideal to water the tree during the morning. If the tree gets too much water, it may develop root rot. During the winter season, it is also important to water the tree regularly but not excessively. Full sun is the best condition for the growth of the tree.

If the location is cool and winds are not too strong, the best time to plant mulberry is late fall or early spring. The trees do not prefer full sun. On the other hand, they love partial shade. As far as posting is concerned, the best soil to prepare is one rich in nutrients. The soil should be porous and well drained. Mulberries are known to grow well in poor soils.

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A good mulberry tree needs approximately six square feet of space for every ten square feet of area. This should be more or less an exact amount depending on how big the tree is. When the soil is very loose and the leaves can go around freely, it can also be considered a good growing condition.

Some tips on how to grow the tree are also given. When the weather is dry and cold, the best time to plant the tree is between January and February. During this period, the soil should be moist to reduce evaporation. Before planting, the soil should be filled with compost. The compost can be fertilizer rich or can be added later.

Growing the tree is not very tough. However, the soil needs to be very well-drained. It should be mixed with compost and well-rotted first. In the tropical or subtropical climates, it can be planted in full sun or in pots.

Wherever the tree grows, the fruit should be plucked regularly. The bark and twigs should also be cut regularly. Pruning should be done when the tree starts to lose its leaves. The tree has a short lifespan; it decays after one year. Therefore, you should consider other vegetables or fruits while growing a mulberry tree.

The best place for a growing a mulberry tree is a sunny location. However, you should keep in mind that mulberry trees are not very tolerant to very low temperatures. They require a lot of sunlight to grow properly. If your tree cannot tolerate the heat, you can use a plastic container to keep the tree in the sunlight.

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Growing a mulberry is an excellent idea for anyone who loves berry. These trees have many different varieties and are suitable for a variety of purposes. You can grow these trees in large containers for outdoor eating, or in hanging baskets for display. Some people even use them as an alternative for fruit plant.

Growing these trees in containers is very easy. You just need to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. You should keep in mind that how to grow mulberry tree in a small container will take at least one to two years. However, if you are willing to wait then this is a good option for you.

The tree grows best when it gets about one to two inches in height. However, you should never plant more than three trees in a group as it would result to overcrowding. The tree can bear fruits in two years but the fruits will be small in size. When you prune the tree it would result to scars.