The No. 1 super-hype and mind-blowing magic mushroom tip to follow are right here. Magic mushrooms are found naturally in the great outdoors. But it requires some great techniques to recognize them too.

Due to their nature, they need a lot of space. They do best in an organic potting mix. You should never keep more than 2 potted mushrooms together. Because if you do, the space needs to be cleaned frequently. And this is one simple growing magic mushroom guide, which can actually help you in maximizing your crop yield.

In fact, if you have the opportunity to grow a larger variety then it would be better. Just be careful with the growing conditions, because you wouldn’t want a bunch of little magic mushrooms growing inside your house. Magic mushrooms like growing in enriched soil, which contains a lot of nitrogen and trace elements. These are usually called “lite or green clay”. Another way, which might be slightly more expensive, is to buy a pre-composted pile of manure from your local farm and compost it.

Once you are certain that your home soil mixture is ideal for growing magic mushrooms, you can now focus on what’s the best sterilizing method for growing them in a controlled environment. Magic mushrooms require a high degree of control over their environment, so you’ll definitely need a reliable grow box or grow area. You must have at least a square foot of growing area, which is about three feet in diameter. The best method of growing them is inside a grow box, but some of them can be nicely accommodated outside under a shade tree. No matter what method you choose, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when you set up the grow box.

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When you know how to grow magic mushroom in a grow box, it’s time to focus on their general identification. One way is to use a magnifying glass, which has a small hole in it. Simply place your finger over the hole and take a look, the easiest way is to look for a round spot with dark marks inside the circle. Another method is to use a magnifying glass, this time to place it under a lit light source. This will show you any dark patches of skin, these are where you will see your magic hairs.

Once you have found your mushrooms, there are two more steps you must take on your quest for the best sterilizing method. Start by removing the entire loose and dead magic hair from the stems. Once you have removed all the hairs from the pot, it’s time to wash them with hot water. You can easily do this with a few buckets of warm water sitting on a scrub brush. After this is done, place the pot in a large sink and then run the water and brush through it to remove any remaining debris and soap.

Now that you have completed this first simple growing magic mushroom guide, it’s time to focus on the next step. Place a large piece of cardboard over your pot and then tape it down with strong tape. This will help to keep your roots from draining out. When this is done, you should then add some medium such as paper towels, this will help to keep soil in place and also create a place for your new mushrooms to grow.

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The final step on your first edition of how to grow psilocybin mushrooms is to wait for your mushrooms to mature. This can take anywhere from a month to two months depending on how fast you follow the simple growing instructions that were given to you above. In the end, it’s very rewarding when you harvest your crop and find that they are all coated with a fungal coating. Simply clean the entire surface off and then you’re ready to enjoy them fresh. This can be a lot of work for those of us who aren’t used to cultivating mushrooms so if you’re new to this, I highly recommend taking a class. The first edition of my how to grow psilocybin mushrooms guide was the best one I’ve ever read and will serve as the foundation for my future learning.