Are you wondering how to grow lion’s mane? If so, you might be surprised to find out that it is quite easy and straightforward to do. In fact, it has been known as a medicinal mushroom for centuries! It is said to have many healing properties, from relieving fevers and coughs to being able to boost memory and concentration. It is also used in some Indian religions to promote spiritual growth and awareness. This article will tell you how to grow a lion’s mane.

First of all, you need to find the right kind of Lion’s mane mushroom. There are two main species of this fungus, both belonging to the Cladosporium family. You can’t grow these mushrooms in your average terrarium, because they need a suitable environment to grow properly, but you can find them growing in the wild on trees in certain parts of Africa. These mange mixtures usually contain Trichoderma scleranthus and Aspergillus or sometimes even Fusarium scleranthus. In order to get the right mixture, you should buy the best quality products available, as cheap ones may contain undesirable ingredients that will affect the potency of the medicinal mushrooms.

Next you need to prepare the habitat. You can either use a casing, such as those sold at specialist retailers, or make a substrate by combining crushed oyster shells with cement powder and vermiculite. The main point to remember is that the casing is only for aesthetic purposes, the actual fruiting block should be placed inside or alternatively placed on the outside, after the casing. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before proceeding.

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Once the substrate is prepared, it is time to actually start the process. Beginners are advised to buy a couple of Lion’s Mane mushrooms from pet stores and grow them yourself. This is not the easiest task in the world and requires patience and determination. If you are a beginner then you should seek advice from a more experienced grower or take on some extra education by attending an actual mushroom growing course.

If you are more of a firm believer in natural living then you will be pleased to know that you can replicate the Lion’s Mane experience indoors. Begin by obtaining some good hardwood fuel pellets from a local supplier. Alternatively, buy enough of the flakes from a pet store and soak the flakes in the soy hulls. Allow the flakes to sit for around 2 weeks before using. Once you have replaced the flakes with a fresh batch of soy hulls, you are ready to replicate the experience again.

If you’re going to do the process outside this means that you will need some more supplies including a couple of Lion’s Mane mushrooms and some hardwood fuel pellets. To produce your fruiting block you will be using some loosely packed cardboard and cutting a series of six equal slices out of the same size. Once you have created a proper sized square you should place the mushrooms on top and allow them to dry for a few days. The cardboard square, which you have cut out should be kept in a dark place for several weeks while the mushrooms continue to mature. This can be done in a number of ways such as placing the mushrooms in a warm room, drying over night and hanging to dry in the sun, or by placing the mushrooms in a plastic bag and leaving them to dry in the sun.

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After a few months have passed, it is time to move your fungi to the fruiting block. Once you have located a suitable location for the root system, you will need a couple of specialist mushroom grow bags. These are similar to the ones used by professional farmers who mix the soy hulls with the soil to create an ideal growing environment. You should also use a large wooden spoon to spread the compost on top of the hardwood fuel pellets and any other materials that you have added to your substrate.

You should be able to hear the roots beginning to flourish within a week or two once they begin to develop. It may take several months for them to reach their full size but in the meantime you will have been successful in learning how to grow Lion’s Mane. In order to harvest your crop you will need a fork or spade. You should dig a small hole about six inches deep and about three inches wide and then place your mushrooms in the hole and cover them with the hardwood fuel pellets. You should leave enough space for the soil to continue draining and you should be able to collect your crop within a few months.