How to grow lilacs is a question that we have all asked at one time or another. We all know that they are beautiful plants to look at, but what does it take to grow them? It seems like no matter where you go, people always want to know how to grow them. I was just about to write an article on this subject, but I felt that it might be better left alone for now.

Planting lilacs is a pretty easy process. They are a very pleasant, whimsical reminder of days gone by. In reality, if you spot an old, neglected little lilac bush growing in your neighborhood or in the center of some wooded area, it is more than likely that there used to be an ancient homestead nearby that would be worth researching. There are many places that sell seeds for planting lilacs at home. I would suggest that you shop around at a local garden center first.

It really doesn’t matter what type of climate you live in as long as you plant lilacs that get plenty of sun and are watered often. Most types of lilies do well in areas with a mild, average climate; however, I did not plant mine in a tropical or hot climate. They do well in full sun.

What you should do next is to decide which type of plant you will grow. Lilies are sold as either perennials or annuals. Annuals are best for the space you have available and should be planted in large pots. Perennials can be placed in a variety of containers so that you can choose which ones give your garden the most blooms during each season. Remember, flowering plants have shorter blooms during the winter and will bloom again in the spring.

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To feed your lilacs, you can use a liquid fertilizer every other week in the spring and fall. If you have a lot of sun, you will need to apply a spray fertilizer at least quarterly during the growing season. I prefer to use a liquid fertilizer because it is easier to apply to the roots, which is what growing shrubs plant food is designed for. If you use a soluble fertilizer, the roots of the shrub soak up the nutrients from the soil and then use them when the plants need a nutrient for blooming.

How to grow lilacs isn’t quite as easy as roses. They do not tend to grow as large as most other plants. If you want them to have pretty flowers and a full year of beautiful blooms, you can prune them every two years. However, if you want to keep them small, you should thin out the bushes. This is done by trimming the branches but don’t remove the whole plant. Just thin the branches that are producing flowers and let the rest of the plant grow naturally.

As with other flowering trees and shrubs, lilacs have several types of blooms. Most people love to plant them in their garden to provide color and beauty. However, they also have another great advantage-they are hardy. Unlike other plants and shrubs that need to be replanted every few years, they will grow and bloom for many years if you take care of them. Some of them, such as lavender, have very beautiful blooms. Others, such as lavender, bloom for all seasons.

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There are some common lilacs that are very easy to grow in gardens. The most common lilac is the Red Cardinal flower. The Red Cardinal flower blooms in April through June. Other common lilacs include the White Lily, Black Eyed Susans, White Butterfly Bush and the Purple Morning Glory. You can find more information about these varieties on the web or visit your local garden center.