Here was my first attempt at how to grow leeks in pots. I have tried many methods of growing leeks including sprouting, cloning and others. I tried freezing them but that didn’t work well and I was always anxious for them to come out. I finally came up with the idea of trying to grow leeks in containers using a tried and true method that has worked well for me.

The technique that I am using to grow leeks in containers is what I like to call as the salt and pepper method. It really isn’t very new, although it has been around for years in China. This was how they originally grew long growing season cucumbers in the cold northern part of China. This is pretty much how I do it too; growing them in a container in a well drained pot with plenty of sunshine during the growing season.

These days I have learned that it is better to grow tomatoes in the hot sunny climates in Florida and Arizona. I just love the tomatoes so I decided to grow leeks in containers as well. I knew that containers would be more sensitive to the heat than the seeds I had purchased from the local garden center. I also knew that I needed to make sure I have enough light coming into the pots I was growing the leeks in to encourage healthy root growth.

So after taking all of these things into consideration, I went back to the catalog to see what kind of containers I could get. I wanted something sturdy, with good drainage. I wanted a good fit, so I went with glass. I figured that if I use glass, the leeks will stay cool and they will stay healthy. Plus they are pretty and I’m going to use them to grow more plants.

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There are so many varieties of leeks that you can grow in pots, but most of them are going to be hardy ones that can handle some frosts. I started out growing them right next to my tomato plants because they went with the same color scheme. But, when I moved them away from the tomatoes, the leeks were nice and comfortable with the heat. They were able to grow through the summer heat and I was very happy with the results. I was only trying to grow two plants, but ended up with four plants because they love to grow in larger containers.

I really enjoy being able to grow my plants in pots because I don’t have to worry about the soil I use to plant them in. With traditional growing mediums, I’ve had to water my plants quite often and sometimes I’ve even had to wait for the ground to completely dry before I water my plants. But, when I use a growing medium like gravel, I can just dig a hole and place my plants directly into it. This allows me to keep the soil moist, but also keeps the roots warm. So, I don’t have to worry about using so much water or changing the soil much.

As for the leeks, they love growing in bigger containers, but they can also handle containers that are a bit smaller. They can go on top of a couple of containers in the same bed or in a bigger bed if needed. I love being able to grow these in the summer since they don’t go dormant as quickly as some of the other varieties of herbs do. If I leave them alone, they’ll grow their leaves and die out by the end of September. However, I’ll change the pots to cover them by the end of October. I just let the grass go wild while I tend to the garden.

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While I’m growing leeks, I also grow blueberry and other mints in a few pots. They love to grow in larger containers that aren’t going directly into the ground. It’s best for them to get the nutrients they need by growing in small containers instead of going straight into the ground.