If you want to know how to grow asparagus from cuttings, you have two good choices. One way is by grafting a young root system from one healthy stem to the base of a healthy one. As the young shoots grow, they will tend to create a network that grows and spreads out over the soil. This can be done quite easily if the asparagus plant has some space to grow. Cuttings are probably the easiest plants to grow. They do not need much attention when you start them from seed so you will not spend hours trying to tend to them.

To learn how to grow asparagus from cuttings start with planting the young asparagus plant into a small hole in the earth. Dig a hole with a depth of about six to eight inches deep and then add some dirt or gravel. Fill the hole with sand or grit first, then add the potting soil and let it settle. Water the plant well, making sure to keep the soil moist but not wet. Place the plant in the hole and cover it with some more dirt.

You should be able to see the roots very easily now. Keep working the asparagus plant and they will grow roots and spread out. Work the plant into a position to support the growing roots. The shape of the plant will help determine how it will end up in the ground.

As the asparagus grows from the cuttings, it will reach a point where it will need to be separated from its mother plant. To separate the plant, remove the main stem from the pot. Add some dirt to the spot where the stem used to be and add some sand or grit to level off the area. Add some fertilizer to the soil. The asparagus can then be repotted and placed in a new potting mix. Repeat this process until the plant has outgrown the pot.

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If the asparagus appears to be tall, you may want to add a support for it. Locate some young stems and tie them into bundles. Move the bundles around and repot them as the asparagus matures. If the plant is short, it is likely that you will have to support it while it matures. While learning how to grow asparagus from cuttings, it is wise to choose the appropriate plants for your area.

One concern for those who are learning how to grow asparagus from cuttings is that the plant can become high and dense and become a nuisance. For these reasons it is important to remove the asparagus to the ground as soon as the plant begins to produce branched shoots. This helps the asparagus to grow in the direction of its natural growth pattern and keeps it from becoming too dense and overgrown. It is also wise to remove any dead roots as this will only attract insects to the asparagus. Removing the plant entirely, especially if there are any large roots at the base, can help stop the asparagus from growing too high and make it easier to manage.

The other consideration for learning how to grow asparagus from cuttings is how to keep the roots from drying out. Cuttings of this type often come with a good amount of root coverage. The leaves on the plant are used to keep the roots damp and absorb water, but they are not actually responsible for keeping the roots alive. Some watering may be necessary to keep the roots healthy and the plant healthy, but as long as the cuttings are kept well watered they will do fine.

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Learning how to grow asparagus from cuttings requires a bit of patience and work. The best time of year to dig up a root balled plant is during a drought because as the asparagus matures it will begin to dry out. Digging up a plant before it has completely developed roots is not a good idea because the asparagus will not mature as much. In addition, it can be difficult to tell when the plant has fully developed roots. For this reason it is wise to dig up a plant every few years so it will develop deeper roots. If the asparagus has been planted in a container, it should be repeated every few years as well.