How to eat fresh coconut is an interesting question and one that many people ponder. The meat from this coconut looks great roasted and cut into delicious snacks. But eating it raw is something else. To make for a good snack you need to know how to eat fresh coconut meat.

For starters let’s look at some related reading on this topic. In his book the “The Nectar of the Gods” (pages 58-6) Gaston Means wrote about eating freshly cracked coconuts. He claimed that they taste best when roasted, but if you don’t have the time, or want to experiment, he suggested making coconut milk. To make this coconut milk you just need to put some flaked coconut on the hot coals of your oven for only a few minutes. When they’re a nice, light brown they’ll be done.

These are just some of the things to do with coconut meat: try adding different fruits to it like mangoes and bananas; garnish it with coriander leaves and herbs like thyme, basil and mint; dip it into a delicious spicy Indian concoction; or just eat plain. There are so many ways to enjoy freshly cracked coconut. For a nice tropical treat, add some sliced tomatoes and white beans to the mixture. Stir it up and keep it warm while you enjoy the fruits of your labor. To make for a really nice cold drink, serve a glass of cool coconut milk with freshly squeezed lime juice and coarsely ground sea salt for dipping.

Some people like to enjoy the taste of freshly cracked coconut meat when it’s served with the soft, mild sea view of the beach on a hot, sunny day. If you have access to fresh sea water in your area, this is a great way to indulge. The coolness from the sea water can help you relax after a long day, and the coolness of the coconut water is also very refreshing after a hectic day at work. Serve it chilled, with a little mint extract or zesty juice to add to the flavor. It’s also good on its own to serve the meat with some steamed basmati rice and spring onions, or some grilled salmon.

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If you’re in a location where there aren’t any natural resources like sea water or mountain ranges nearby, you can still indulge in this favorite local dish by stopping at one of your favorite roadside eateries. One popular option is to go to the Hua Hin Hotel on Ratchaburi road. Here you will find a great selection of roadside eateries that serve amazing meals that are best eaten fresh out of the kitchen. One of the favorite meals is called ” Haupia” which involves coconut meat with rice cooked in hot oil. You can also get other dishes like Haupia plus sate enema, salam or even just some Thai chicken salad.

If you love watching the local Thai girls dance their heart out on the streets, you should check out the Koh Phangan night market in Chaweng. This is one of the most famous street markets in Phuket where you will find all sorts of fresh produce as well as handmade crafts. There are performers dressed in all kinds of traditional Thai garb that perform dances for you all night long. There are usually live music being played throughout the day, and at night you can watch the stunning Thai women dancers as they perform for their guests. The Phang Tong car bar is also a must-visit, and this little hole-in-the wall car bar has everything you need to enjoy your evening to the fullest.