Many people like to have white chocolate chips as a treat, but have you ever wondered how to dye white chocolate chips? It can be difficult to use this very delectable chocolate candy to make an attractive display in your next party, without breaking the candy into chunks. Even if you have no desire to buy more of this delicious desert, it is never too late to learn how to do it yourself. Though this is quite the eye-catching dessert to serve at any sort of gathering, white chocolate is still their show-stalling favorite cake and as delicious and as sumptuous as ever.

First of all, you should understand that there are three types of chocolate used to make this delightful treat and they are all of different types. White chocolate is made from cocoa butter that has been heated to a temperature high enough to transform it into a dark chocolate color. The result will be a thick, sugary treat with a bitter, dark taste. The type of chocolate used to make this bitter red fudge is a dark Swiss or Belgian style chocolate. It has a higher cocoa content than milk chocolate, which makes it even tastier.

To make the beautiful blue fudge, you must first melt approximately three sticks of cream cheese with one stick of margarine in a plastic bowl over medium heat. Once melted, add one ounce of the white chocolate chips to the bottom of your mixing bowl. Mix until the chips are completely melted. Now, add three cups of milk and one tablespoon of salt and mix thoroughly. Then, spoon the melted cheese mixture into small bags and freeze until ready to decorate.

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In order to obtain the blue fudge, melt the remaining two sticks of cream cheese and add three tablespoons of margarine to the mixture. Stir the two dry ingredients together until smooth. Then add one cup of the white chocolate chips and blend until smooth and creamy. Add a fourth cup of the milk and blend until smooth and spreadable.

Once you have made the fudge, add two tablespoons of sugar and stir until completely smooth. If necessary, add a third cup of the milk. Then, take your silicone mold and pipe a large round shape into the center. Wet the area and transfer to a cookie sheet, cover loosely and refrigerate for about an hour.

At this point, the finished product is ready to enjoy. If you are eating it right away, cover the entire chocolate chunk with the remainder of the milk and pop into the freezer. If you plan on keeping it, add the fudge to the container in the freezer. When you are ready to serve, open the bag of chocolate and allow it to cool before serving. The how to dye white chocolate fudge is so good, you will want to make and serve it over again.