Many of us have seen deer sausage on the menu at a holiday dinner party. It can be a bit tricky to make this dish, as it is very similar in taste to beef and is usually cooked on the grill or outside in the oven. So, if you are one of those who likes to eat meat, but are not sure how to cook frozen deer sausage safely, this article will give you some pointers that will help you to get the most out of this tasty treat. This is one of those dishes that really should be tried by everyone.

The first thing that you will want to take into consideration when learning how to cook frozen deer sausage is making sure that it has been defrosted properly. This should normally take about a week to do, depending on how fast you can get your freezer cleaned out. If you have to, you could also thaw it out in the refrigerator first, however, I recommend that you let it defrost at room temperature for a few days. Once it has defrosted, check to see if it is safe to use. If you find that it is not, read on to learn how to cook frozen deer sausage in three easy steps.

The first step is to drain the meat and discard any bone fragments or fat. Next, remove any liquid from the cuts that you can. This includes any juices that may be remaining from the juice. You will probably need to cut some of the excess fat with a knife to reduce the amount of fat that is left. When cutting, remember to always go right to the center of the meat. If you slice too much into the middle, it will be difficult to seal the juices and this will lead to the sausage having a lumpy texture instead of being moist and nice and soft.

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Next, you will want to place all of your cut pieces of meat in one large bowl and pour the milk and cream into the bowl. Add the salt and pepper to the mixture and mix thoroughly. After this, add the meat to the milk and cream mixture and gently mix it until it forms a paste-like substance. Next, place the cooled sausage into your pot and allow it to sit for two to four hours, uncovered.

Once you have allowed the sausage to sit for the appropriate amount of time, it is time to cook it in your slow cooker. Put all of your cut pieces of meat in the slow cooker and cover it tightly. Cover it at least three inches from the edges. Use the pressure valve to set the cooker and bring it up to a high heat. Set your lid and leave it sitting for about four to five hours, checking on it every hour if possible to make sure it does not get burned.

After the recommended amount of time has passed, remove the frozen deer sausage from the cooker and slice it into clean chunks. Allow these chunks to cool and then return them to the slow cooker. Use all of your quart jar lids and fill each one with a fresh can of tomatoes. Add your herbs and seasonings and turn the cooker off. Follow these simple directions on how to cook frozen deer sausage and you will have leftovers that you are sure to love.

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