How to break a window in a very easy way and without any damage to the glass or the frame? That is the question you will be asked after reading this article. The first step is to turn off the electricity supply for the house. That done, you can start by unscrewing all the 5 screws on the inside of the window.

Now, you should remove the metal tabs attached to the glass with the help of drywall anchors. Care should be taken to avoid touching the broken glass with the naked hands as you do that. After that, you should place some masking tape on the windows and also the surrounding areas. Then, you should apply masking tape to the glass surface as well and this would help you to break glass without leaving any marks on the glass.

Secondly, you should use a piece of thin hard wearing fabric and tie it around the broken glass so that it does not move out of its place. After that, you should apply another layer of the same material and tie it around the broken glass. This would make the glass to be tighter and stronger than before. This will also stop the broken glass from moving out of its place while you are applying the second layer of tape. The blanket should be kept on for few days and it should be replaced every six months.

Thirdly, you should remove all the windows and put them in the refrigerator. You should use the same old windows that were used earlier to prevent any dust or particles from getting in the electrical system. Moreover, you should plug all the metal parts together properly. After that, you should reconnect the power source to the house. The next step is how to break a window with spark plugs.

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Fourthly, you should open all the windows of the car window and you should start to pour one glass of glue onto the spark plug and slowly do it. This will not only make the glass soft but it will also stop the pieces of glass from sticking to each other. You should repeat this process for about ten times until the glue is completely dried out. The last step is how to break a window with spark plugs after you have removed all the windows.

Fifthly, you should cover the spark plug that is left with the broken window with a small piece of towel. This will prevent the small pieces of glass to stick to the plug. Then, you should push down the glass firmly and pull it out from the window. Once the glass is removed, you should use the small ceramic piece and push it into the small gap created by the broken glass.