When considering dental insurance coverage you may be curious as to how much is Invisalign expensive. The truth of the matter is that while they are expensive, they are far less expensive than traditional braces. Here are a few facts about Invisalign pricing and how much is really in it.

How much does invisalign cost? On average, clear braces can range in price from $1,500 to $10,100 across the United States, although this depends on the practitioner and how much he or she charges for the procedure. Traditional braces cost is frequently comparable to those costs.

Invisalign pricing is determined according to the number of aligners needed. Each aligner has an installation kit which must be used before the aligners can be installed. Invisalign trays are custom-made by dentists in dental offices. An additional fee is charged for removing the trays once they are removed. If the dentist uses “invisible” aligner trays, the invisalign cost is higher.

One of the reasons that the invisalign cost is high is because there are more than just one hundred different aligner designs to choose from. The different aligner trays that are used in the treatment allow the orthodontic professional to choose a design that will look best on a person’s teeth. Also, many different styles of braces are used in the treatment, depending on how the teeth look when they are straightened. Finally, the fact that only a small incision is made in the mouth prevents the brace from being visible to patients.

Another factor that influences how much is Invisalign is the number of visits required. The fact that more than one person is involved in the procedure means that more materials are required to complete the process. A dental office may need a large amount of materials, including braces and materials to install the aligners. Specialized tools may be required to remove the trays and replace them with the new aligners. For this reason, it can take longer for Invisalign treatment than it would take for an individual to straighten their teeth using standard orthodontics methods. The orthodontist that is responsible for the treatment should make sure that each patient follows the Invisalign instructions carefully.

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Patients should take note that invisalign pricing includes payment to the orthodontist or his or her office for the Invisalign consultations, the materials used, and the removal of the aligners. No additional charges will apply if a patient cancels their plan or pays their first bill on a set date. Patients also have the option of paying their invisalign treatment with a credit card or by using their insurance reimbursement. They can select the method that makes the most sense for them.