When you think of Mexico, how much do you visualize a giant taco filled with tons of crunchy vegetables? Do you picture a giant corn burrito oozing with spicy salsa and mild cheese? Or do you imagine a thin slice of Mexican bread smeared with melted cheese and studded with tomatoes, peppers, and other ingredients typical to the tastes of authentic Mexican cuisine? In any case, a hearty and satisfying taco is something that Mexico cannot be without, which is why I love eating them so much.

If I was dining at a restaurant in Mexico, the first question that would come to my mind would be, how much is a taco in Mexico? I would most likely get a shrug or a simple “It’s not too much”. It seems that nobody really knows for sure how authentic these tacos are. However, there are ways to tell just by looking at the ingredients.

First off, most tacos are actually made with a blend of lean ground beef, chicken, and/or fish. Although ground beef is the traditional base of a taco, it is rarely used today (too much fat and grease). Chicken and/or fish make for a more flavorful and healthier option, especially when cooked properly. Ground beef tends to have quite a bit of “yards” (or fat) in it, and can be heavy on your stomach. In fact, some people actually experience indigestion after eating too much ground beef! Fish is a very healthy option for tacos as it has good fats, protein, and is generally quite light.

Another important factor to how much is a taco in mexico is the type of tortilla that is served. Traditional Mexican tortillas are made with masa dough that is rolled out by hand. It is much healthier than the tortillas that are served in the United States. There are also plenty of choices if you want to use regular tortillas instead: corn, flour, even rice.

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The price of a taco can vary greatly depending on what type of taco you order. A full sized taco is usually considered to be one taco, and it is usually served along with vegetables and condiments for an additional cost. Small tacos are just a little bit smaller than a standard taco. Full sized is usually about three to four ounces of meat and cheese, with the fillings between two to three different items. A small taco is usually only two to three ounces, and does not include the fillings.

With so many options available, many restaurants and customers alike, the question of how much is a taco in mexico can be easily answered. Tacos are a great way to enjoy authentic Mexican food for one’s self, or as a fun way to impress your friends at a party. If you are looking for some good food, consider trying some out. They can satisfy cravings of both the taste buds and the wallet!