How much does a long-haired chihuahua cost? Chihuahuas, like other small dog breeds require regular grooming and health checkups. A long-haired chihuahua is going to cost you more for those things than a short hair one. The general rule of thumb when buying a new chihuahua is the long hair one is cheaper but doesn’t give you as many options as the shorter hair one does.

If you are looking for the best long-haired chihuahua, then you should probably go for the apple head variety. These chihuahuas have straight, glossy black or brown hair that is silky. It looks just like an apple! Some apple headed deer long-haired chihuahuas may have some white in the hair but this is rare so it’s definitely worth checking on your breeders website before buying any.

If you are looking for a short haired chihuahua, the Mexican long-haired chihuahua is worth considering. The Mexican long-haired chihuahua has short hair and is a bit skinnier than the other two types. These dogs are also very active and playful. The price difference between a long-haired chihuahua and a short hair one is quite noticeable and is mostly attributed to the grooming and vet expenses associated with each type of chihuahua.

If you want a chihuahua that is bred to be a guard dog, then you may want to consider a Wire Haired. These dogs are very protective and are great at guarding. They are also very good at house training so if you are not able to house train your chihuahua, don’t worry. This dog will easily learn to guard his home.

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A large toy is another chihuahua’s best friend. This large toy is used for chewing and can give your chihuahua lots of entertainment. However, don’t let your chihuahua chew on these things as they are very dangerous. The large stuffed toys can also be dangerous if your chihuahua attempts to bite it as he sometimes tries to enlarge his teeth. Chihuahuas can choke on these too so if your chihuahua finds the object of his desire, back off or get someone else to help him out.

Grooming is a very important aspect of caring for your long-haired chihuahua. Always keep an extra towel handy and brush your chihuahua’s hair regularly. Chihuahuas tend to shed quite a bit more than other breeds so you will have to keep up with this grooming routine to prevent excessive shedding. How much does a long-haired chihuahua cost? It depends on many factors including the type you get as well as the type of coat your chihuahua has.