One of the questions most often asked by college student’s interested in earning a bachelor’s degree is; how much do teachers get paid? The salary of a typical educator can vary greatly depending on the location and the method of how they are employed. Many educators are paid on a yearly basis while some are paid on an hourly basis. In addition, some educators are paid on a contract basis, which allows them to earn a certain amount of money each year while they continue to work. The United States Department of Education requires that all teachers who wish to receive full pay receive a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college.

Each state has their own form of determining the amount of wages teachers should be receiving. Although these guidelines differ from state to state, the majority of states consider the educational quality of the student to be one of the most important factors considered when setting teacher salaries. Additionally, the level of experience the educator has will also play into the determination of the salary.

In most cases, the starting salaries for teachers will start at around forty thousand dollars per year. As teachers progress through their career, they may see their pay raise to a little more than fifty thousand dollars per year. In some cases, individuals with special education teaching experience may see a pay raise to even over sixty thousand dollars per year. It is important to note that all educational districts have a minimum salary requirement for public elementary and secondary teachers, as well as special education teachers.

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As mentioned earlier, most states require teachers to earn a bachelor’s degree before they are eligible to apply for a teaching position. By studying to earn a degree, many teachers will be able to increase their pay substantially. The median income of individuals with this type of educational background is between thirty five thousand and forty thousand dollars, which makes the salary range for these types of instructors quite hefty.

The amount of time that a teacher spends in a classroom will also play into how much they earn. Most individuals begin working with their particular area of expertise right out of high school. If an individual has already spent four years in the classroom, they are more likely to be eligible for a teaching salary schedule that begins at around twenty-five to thirty-five dollars per hour. Once an educator has their general level of experience in the classroom under their belt, they can apply for higher wage levels. Many teachers also choose to continue their education at any given point in their career in order to earn a master’s or doctorate degree.

When individuals decide to teach, they typically move into one of three types of positions: elementary, middle, or high school. Each of these positions will require different types of credentials, which means that teachers will need to spend some time selecting the area in which they would like to work. Some areas are much better known for the types of courses that they offer, so teachers should make sure that they find out what is being taught in the area in which they hope to be employed. Once an individual lands a job, they usually remain with their current employer for a period of anywhere from two to five years. After this period of time has passed, most teachers will be eligible for a transfer to another school system.

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