How much do lawyers earn in Australia? A question that may surprise some people considering the fact that it is one of the most developed countries in the world. The question may also surprise those who have not spent many years here as a practicing law practitioner. The answer, as usual, is “not a whole lot”.

As it turns out, the salaries of lawyers in Australia are based on a number of factors. These include the lawyer’s expertise and years of experience in the field of law he is practicing. The more years of experience a lawyer has, the higher his average salary. Expertise, of course, is a combination of different factors including outstanding performance in court, persuasive arguments, among others. An Australian lawyer, therefore, can be assured of a high salary despite the relatively young age of the population (it’s now one of the youngest developed countries in the world).

The highest paying lawyer in Australia, according to research, happens to be a corporate lawyer. Corporate lawyers, as their name implies, deal with corporate legal issues. While the highest paying law profession remains criminal law, corporate lawyers earn significantly higher salaries than other lawyers. This is because corporate lawyers have to take into consideration the overall profitability of the corporation, as well as the profitability of the company’s directors and officers (as they also run the company). Thus, they need to argue adequately for their clients so as to ensure their companies’ maximum return on investment.

Once a corporate lawyer has established a firm reputation as an excellent legal practitioner, his annual salary will generally increase. However, corporate lawyers who wish to take up additional responsibilities may opt for a second professional specialization. After all, there is no law or legal profession free of responsibilities. A lawyer, therefore, has to take up additional responsibilities if he wants to retain his current client base and earn more from the practice. He may be required to serve as a counselor to his current law firm, or to take on some of the more complex case work that larger firms tend to outsource.

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How much do lawyers earn in Australia, as compared to other countries? As per research, the Australian average annual salary of lawyers is around $76 thousand per annum. This is substantially higher than the salaries of peers in the United States and United Kingdom.

The top ten highest paying professions in Australia include Chartered Surveyors (which includes attorneys, notaries, financial advisors, etc. ), corporate practitioners (corporate lawyers, corporate law specialists, management consultants, etc. ), and criminal lawyers (court reporters, court officers, Crown attorneys, solicitors, etc.). While the Australian average annual salary of lawyers is notably higher than the global averages, the country’s profile does not mean that it cannot strive to emulate the standards set by other developed nations.