As a working artist or collector, one question that you’ll likely receive is: how much do art curators make? While this question may seem odd coming from a professional art collector, it is indeed an important one to ask. Art curators work in museums and galleries to preserve and protect paintings, sculptures and other artistic works while ensuring that the piece has been properly insured.

Curators are professionals who often make a living with their work. A working curator will earn a decent salary; however there are also positions available for those who prefer to work on freelance basis or on contracts. The salary range depends largely on the museum or gallery that you are working with. Some curators also work as consultants for major museums and galleries. These professionals will not only help make sure the art dealer has insurance coverage for the piece they are selling, but will also make sure that the piece is properly insured against theft or damage.

Most art curators start their careers by specializing in either one particular field of art or a few specific ones. The most common is their career as a museum specialist, which generally takes them around six years to complete. In this role, they often help coordinate and co-ordinate the security measures at a particular museum. While on this job, they will work directly with the security personnel as well as make sure all policies are in place. Other positions available include supervising and training new employees, handling contract work and other managerial duties.

A curatorial position at a gallery, on the other hand, is not strictly dedicated to the work they do. A gallery curator’s job typically involves making decisions about which pieces of art will be displayed and which will not. They may also choose which pictures will go on display and which ones will not. While the job description of a Gallery Curator doesn’t explicitly say how much do art curators make, it is likely a significant sum of money. This is because most starting salaries for a Gallery Curator start at around ten thousand dollars.

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Another field of specialization is in architectural preservation. Art curators who work in this field are responsible for protecting historic buildings from deterioration caused by climate conditions and vandalism. Some of their work will consist of repairing roofing, repairing interior doors and windows, and maintaining flooring. Others will simply focus on identifying damaged paintings or sculptures so they can be repaired. While some of the work may involve a great deal of hands-on work, the majority of their work will be behind the scenes.

The information provided here should be used as an outline only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with the employment papers of any specific Museum Curator, the minutes of any Board of Trustees meetings or other documentation describing how much do art curators make. Such information should always be obtained from the museum where the work is being displayed.