There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the question of how much can poop weigh. The common answer is “a lot” and with good reason. The human bowels are not the only things that have to deal with excess weight; every living thing has to deal with the issue of extra bulk.

The question of how much can poop weigh first needs to be understood within the context of who gets it. Only those people who are constipated actually have to worry about the question of how much weight can poop cause. People who are constipated will experience the symptoms of an unhealthy colon and these symptoms include but are not limited to: abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, mucus and a whole host of other uncomfortable symptoms. All of these symptoms are caused by an unhealthy colon which in turn causes the body to expel waste in the form of feces. The presence of feces in the stool can mean two things: either the person is suffering from a condition which requires treatment or the waste itself is too large for the colon to handle.

Now, all of this may lead one to ask “how much can poop weigh?” and if that is the case, the answer is simple. You will be surprise to know that not all people who suffer from constipation need to deal with the issue of how much can poop weigh. In fact, most of the time, the people who are dealing with constipation are dealing with excess weight. So yes, if the colon is clogged and the feces is the result of that and only that, then it would seem that the question of how much can poop weigh should be asked.

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However, no matter how much you may think your bowels are moving, your bowels are never going to move the same amount of mass at any given time. There are different kinds of movement that take place in the intestines and different kinds of movements which take place in other parts of the body. Therefore, in terms of how much can poop weigh, depending on what is going on in your body and why you are having constipation, the answer would be different. You need to consider other causes for the excess weight, such as the lack of exercise, the intake of a lot of refined sugars and the lack of fiber in your diet.

Some of the other conditions that can lead to excessive weight include intestinal obstruction and rupture of a colon. Intestinal obstruction, sometimes referred to as a narrowing of the intestinal tract, occurs when there is a restriction in the passage of fecal matter through the colon. Another common digestive disorder is rupture of the colon. This can occur either because of internal bleeding caused by an accident or as the result of toxic and chemical substances used in the process of colon cleansing. It can also happen when a person has an abnormal amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity, especially after using drugs such as heroin.

The last question you have to ask yourself is, how much weight do you lose by trying this simple procedure? When you go on a liquid diet for constipation, you should drink lots of water and juices to replace the soft, moistened stool. By drinking lots of water and juices, you will dilute the stool and make it more difficult for fecal matter to become stuck, causing the uncomfortable “whoosh effect” that we described above.

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